308 Use and Scheduling of Facilities - Non-College Groups

P-308.1 Non-Profit: As a service to the community, the College Board of Trustees allows the use of College property by individuals and associations for non-profit educational, recreational, social, religious, civic, philanthropic, and like purposes. Such use will not interfere in any way with the regular programs and activities of the College.

For Profit: The College may review requests from for-profit organizations and, in deciding whether to allow use of College facilities, may consider the purpose of the activity and how the fees or profits will be used. Long-term, regular usage agreements are not compatible with the scheduling of College activities.

Pr-308.1.1 All requests from outside groups must follow the procedures outlined on the Community Use of Campus Web page.

Users of facilities will be required to comply with all College policies and any applicable statutory regulations.

Pr-308.1.2 Use of facilities will be limited to those activities requiring normal utilization of the space. Usage that would result in excessive wear and tear will not be approved. All groups are responsible for lost, stolen, or broken equipment and any damage to the facility.
Pr-308.1.3 A rental fee will be charged in accordance with a schedule approved by the Board of Trustees. The fee may be waived for a College-sponsored organization or for special public service programs. Costs for additional needs or services will be addressed during the scheduling process.
P-308.2 Board-approved fees are available by calling the Scheduling Coordinator at 636-922-8468.
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