109 Legal Authority


The Public School Laws of Missouri, Sections:

Generally, 178.770 et seq.
Accreditation standards, 178.780
Actions by or against, 178.770
Annexation, 178.890
Bond, 178.770
Budgets, 178.780
College courses, 178.805
Contracts, majority of board of trustees, 178.830
Corporate powers, 178.770
Dissolution, 178.400
Elections, 178.800 to 178.840
Annexation, 178.890
Notice, regular elections, 115.023
Qualified voters, defined, 115.133
Regular elections, conduct, 115.023
Trustees, 115.023
Employees, 178.860
Entrance requirements, 178.780
Fraternities and sororities, 171.141
Name, 178.770
Notice, elections, regular, 115.023
Per capita cost, 178.850
Records, 178.780
Retirement of personnel, 178.860
Standards, 178.770
State Aid
Administration of programs, 178.780
Withholding, refusal to honor annexation, petition 178.890

Taxation, 178.770, 178.870
Trustees, 178.820 et seq.
Tuition, 178.850

were adhered to and are being complied with by St. Charles Community College. Other sections and statutes not specifically written for junior colleges, but applicable to same, will be complied with accordingly as interpreted and defined by the Department of Higher Education and by legal counsel.

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