Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes (Draft)

Monday, January 26, 2015


The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Board president Mack with members Cilek, Ehlmann, Lohmar, Pundmann, and Robertson present. Also present were College president Ron Chesbrough; Cabinet members Chris Breitmeyer, Donna Davis, Heather McDorman, Bill Strecker, and Todd Galbierz; and staff member Julie Parcel.
Audience members who introduced themselves were staff members Ryan Buenemann, Sharon Schreiber, Al Koehler, Susie Rubemeyer, Chris Romer, Bob Ronkoski, and Michael Dunkus; faculty members Jacqueline Gray, Michael Kuelker, Alison Ouellette-Kirby, and William Griffin (Faculty Association president); student Tiffany Ramirez (Student Senate president); and St. Charles County Public Advocate Arnie C. Dienoff.


Board president Mack led the Board and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.


On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Ehlmann, minutes of the December 1, 2014, regular Board meeting were accepted as presented.


On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Lohmar, the agenda was approved. 


Treasurer Ehlmann presented the Treasurer’s Report.  Cash in bank $6,083,416; total investments $28,000,000; tuition and fees received to date $15,773,888; local taxes received to date $15,063,000; state appropriations received to date $4,558,380.  On a motion by Cilek and a second by Pundmann, the Treasurer’s Report was accepted. 
On a motion by Cilek and a second by Robertson, the Board approved payment of bills from the Operating Fund in the amount of $4,731,786.


Student Senate president Tiffany Ramirez reported the following:

  • Elections are scheduled in early February for new Student Senate officers.
  • A memorial service for Maria Espinoza will be held on Thursday, January 29, 2015, at 3:00 p.m. in the College Center Rotunda.  Immediately following the service, a tree will be planted in her honor outside the Visual Arts Building. Student Senate is researching the idea of placing a bench in her honor, and a memory book is available in Student Activities for members of the campus community to sign. The book will be presented to her mother.


Faculty Association president William Griffin reported the following:

  • The report of faculty accomplishments will be a bit longer than normal since it includes items submitted for the December report that was postponed due to the employee service recognition dinner. One of the most critical accomplishments in December was finishing up the fall semester and submitting all the final grades. 
  • The faculty member featured this month is Marvin Tobias. Marvin helps his students master the material and has great stories, personal and otherwise, to flesh out his content. It is (in part) the way he does it – his style – that make his accomplishments worthy of highlighting this month. For a few years, William Griffin served as Marvin’s peer evaluator and got to sit in on his classes and discuss the craft of teaching with him. Griffin reported that his classes were unlike any other classroom experience he had ever encountered, and it was captivating. It is impossible to sleep in one of his classes, as he literally gallops around. (A video of Marvin’s teaching style was shown.)
  • Ron Pettus reports, “On October 24, 2014, my class is sponsoring a Naturalization ceremony for 40 new citizens and their families. The Chamber Choir, under the direction of Gene Ditch, will perform; the color guard will be provided by the SCC police, along with security; visuals and audio by Bob Gill, and my class will hold a small reception afterward. In excess of 200 people are expected to attend. This is part of the new Service Learning initiative.” The event was widely appreciated, and in the words of Ron Chesbrough, “It was a terribly moving event for all in attendance.  Great things happen at SCC every day.” 
  • Christy Gant wrote about her work with PTK along with her fellow advisors, Ron Pettus and Brenda Hollrah: 
    • On October 3-4, 2014, we attended the Missouri Regional Convention at Lake of the Ozarks, accompanied by five students.
    • On October 26, 2014, we held our Fall Induction Ceremony. In addition to inducting approximately 40 students, we presented Dr. Chesbrough with an honorary membership; Brenda Hollrah and Christy Gant were honored for ten years of service as advisors to PTK; and the following seven faculty members received mentor awards from students: Rich Christianson, Professor of Mathematics – Nominated by Lukas Virden; Gene Ditch, Professor of Music – Nominated by Tyler Upton; Genell Garrison, Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics – Nominated by Jamie Koenig; Suzanne Hembrough, Adjunct Faculty, Biology – Nominated by Sarah Khan; Raymond Holmes, Adjunct Faculty, English – Nominated by Kristin Laney; Rachel McWhorter, Instructor of English – Nominated by Marianna Castrogiovanni; Clarice Sage, Adjunct Faculty, Education – Nominated by Lisa Faszold. 
    • Thanks for continuing to spread the word about our successful students, faculty, and staff!
  • Andrea Compton and Nancy Graviett attended and participated in the Show-Me Leadership Conference hosted by PBL. Both serve as club advisors and helped students to coordinate and host the event.
  • Alison Ouellette-Kirby submitted photos of her work from a show this summer at the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis. All the work in the exhibition was made collaboratively with her husband, Noah Kirby, and was on display in the fall at the Gallery at the Regional Arts Commission on Delmar in St. Louis.
  • One of Alison Ouellette-Kirby’s sculptures was installed in September at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY. It is part of a series of work she’s made called the sympathetic ear series. This piece is titled “In Case of Emergency, Please Break Glass.” It has a cast bronze ear with a pull-cord mechanism “listening device” – you pull the cord, and it listens. It is made of cast iron, cast bronze, fabricated steel, and the pull-cord mechanism.
  • Alison Ouellette-Kirby taught a workshop called “Matchplates for Multiples” at the Western Cast Iron Art Alliance Conference in September 2014, teaching participants to make the permanent tooling type of patterns for metal casting.
  • Joe Howe was recently featured by Jenny Hahn-Schnipper in her SCC Blog, entitled "Fear Not Mathematics.” (October 14)
  • The blog included several suggestions for students to maximize their potential success in Mathematics both before and after they walk in the door. The department continues to strive for student success in mathematics at SCC.
  • Vicky Herbel, professor of sociology, attended the Missouri Sociological Association’s annual meeting. This is the state level organization for sociology professionals and students. It was also attended by Christina Webster, adjunct faculty in sociology.
  • Assistant professor Rex McKanry invited Sam and Seth of Butterscotch Shenanigans to talk to his Animation and Gaming class on October 29, 2014. The students presented their first gaming project and spoke with Sam and Seth about game design, technique, and the gaming industry in the St. Louis area. Students were so excited that some stayed almost three hours after class talking with our guest. 
  • Andrea Compton reports that PBL membership has doubled this year thanks to their recruiting efforts, fund raising, and other activities. Here is what they’ve been up to already: hosted the Show-Me Leadership Conference, volleyball tournament, and Halloween Bash to socialize and recruit new members; raised money for March for Babies by carrying baby bottles around campus for donations (raising over $150 already); and participated (along with PTK) in Operation Christmas Child and fundraisers at Bemo’s, Freddy’s, and during SCC’s Scary Movie Marathon. Faculty Advisors are Andrea Compton and Nancy Graviett.
  • Andrea Compton served as the subject matter expert on a QM Course Review for New Mexico State University. The course was BOT 207 – Machine Transcription. This is the third peer review team Andrea has served on and the second as the subject matter expert. Recently, Andrea also served as a QM peer reviewer for two other courses, one at Kodiak College, Alaska, and the other at Penn Valley here in Missouri.
  • SCC Center Stage Theatre was pleased to present Tom Dudzik's comedy, Miracle on South Division Street, November 19-23.  It was directed by Lynne Snyder, with set and lighting design by Lonna Wilke and costume design by Deborah Phillips.
  • Bryonie Carter (Assistant Professor, English) taught a 13-day accelerated “Introduction to Gender Studies” class online during the winter intersession (1/5-1/17) at UMSL. 
  • Bryonie will also teach at UMSL the upper-level undergraduate and graduate online course “Gender and Body Image in Media and Culture” during the regular Winter 2015 semester. Bryonie designed this course from scratch as part of the Graduate Certificate in Gender Studies curriculum she completed during 2011-2013.
  • Bryonie is also accomplishing a great deal coordinating our new Service Learning courses here at SCC, and she’s serving as the editor for our “Global Pages” publication.


Dr. Chesbrough presented highlights from his monthly report, which can be found at


Board president Mack called for public comments. Arnie C. Dienoff expressed concerns about the bidding process and suggested a system in which local companies could receive special consideration for bid awards. In addition, he requested that zip codes be added to the company names on bid award recommendations.


Faculty member Jacquelyn Gray presented a report on her spring 2014 sabbatical leave, which included a trip to the Middle East and visits to Israel, Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, the Dead Sea, and many other sites of interest. The sabbatical experience will help her to share knowledge of the area for her Introduction to the Bible as Literature course.


Faculty members Michael Kuelker, Alison Ouellette-Kirby, and William Griffin presented information on their requests for sabbatical leave in fall 2015. All three proposals were reviewed and recommended by the Sabbatical Review Committee, the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, and the College President. Action was taken after discussion in Closed Session. 


Chris Breitmeyer, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, provided a summary of Title IX requirements for the institution. 


On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Robertson, the Board approved a resolution authorizing the appropriation of moneys for the purpose of defeasing and redeeming prior to maturity all of the outstanding leasehold revenue bonds, Series 2004 (St. Charles Community College, St. Charles County, MO) of St. Charles Community College Educational Facilities Authority, and authorizing certain other actions in connection therewith.


On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Cilek, the Board approved amendment of the Fiscal Year 2015 budget to include revenue for the sale of College property and the subsequent expenditure of funds to retire the Series 2004 Leasehold Revenue bonds.


The Board reviewed the following revisions to the Board Policies and Procedures Manual. Action will be requested at the next regular meeting. Proposed revisions are as follows:

  • P-504.0 Employment Classifications: This policy has been updated to create employment classifications to support benefit eligibility changes required under healthcare reform (PPACA).
  • P-540.9 Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect: The substance of this policy has not changed.  Wording and definitions have been added to provide clarity and consistency with state law.
  • P-551.0 Eligibility for Insurance Benefits: The essence of the benefit eligibility changes include a method for providing medical insurance for those who average 30 or more hours per week and full explanation of measurement period, administrative period, and stability period.  A full explanation of credit hour to clock hour conversion for purposes of healthcare reform (PPACA) has been added.


On a motion by Robertson and a second by Pundmann, the Board approved revision to the Board Policies and Procedures Manual, as follows:

  • P-306.1 Campus Hours: The new policy specifies weekday hours in which campus buildings are open, with the exception of inclement weather, emergency closings, and College holidays. In addition, the policy states that buildings are open on weekends for approved College classes, events, and activities. Pr-306.1.1 instructs employees to call the Department of Public Safety for access to buildings outside the open hours.


Cisco Equipment for Cisco Networking Academy: On a motion by Lohmar and a second by Robertson, the Board approved an award to SIGMAnet Inc., Ontario, CA in the amount of $53,803.80 for the purchase of Cisco Equipment to be used in the Cisco Network Academy Program. Funding Source: 2014/2015 DESE Enhancement Grant 75%; Computer Science Program 25%

Contract Addendum for Canvas Learning Management System: On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Lohmar, the Board approved amendment of the existing contract with Instructure, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT to include Tier 1 Support for 24/7 faculty and student support of the Canvas Online Learning System at an increase of $37,614.00. The new total contract award amount to Instructure, Inc., will be $429,714.00. Funding Source: Technology Fund

Contract for Engineering Services: On a motion by Cilek and a second by Robertson, the Board granted an award to KJWW, St. Louis, MO for professional engineering in the amount of $84,500 to (1) design and modify the replacement of two inefficient chillers; (2) review and identify options to correct humidity, temperature, building pressurization, and airflow in the Fine Arts Building; and (3) design the replacement of the Child Development Center Fire Sprinkler System. Projects 1 and 2 are eligible for 50% reimbursement from state maintenance and repair funds. Funding Source: State Maintenance and Repair Funds $59,900; Operating Budget $24,600

Cooling Tower Fan Replacement: On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Robertson, the Board awarded a base bid replacement of the cooling tower fan assembly to Rock Hill Mechanical Corporation, Kirkwood, MO in the amount of $16,989.00. This project is eligible for 50% reimbursement from state maintenance and repair funds. Funding Source: State Maintenance and Repair Funds $8,494.50; Operating Budget $8,494.50.

Dell Storage Area Network Unit and Servers: On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Cilek, the Board granted an award to Dell Marketing, Round Rock, TX in the amount of $99,415.99 for the purchase of one Dell SC8000 SAN with two Dell N4032F switches and five NetXtreme NIC cards; one Dell PowerEdge R730 Server; and one Dell PowerEdge R530 server to meet storage and server requirements for academic use in the Computer Science Program. Funding Source: 2014/2015 DESE Enhancement Grant 75%; Computer Science Program 25%

Document Management System: On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Lohmar, the Board granted an award to Softdocs, Inc., Columbia, SC in the amount of $152,702.50 for the licensing of a document management software system including: all software modules; twenty concurrent licensed users; installation and configuration; training of SCC staff; and three years of software maintenance, to be paid annually. The system will be used to scan, index, and electronically store records so that they will be accessible to authorized staff. Funding Source: College Reserve Funds 


On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Cilek, the Board voted to adjourn into Closed Session as allowed by RSMo 610.021.3 to discuss the following: Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of particular employees by a public governmental body when personal information about the employee is discussed or recorded.  610.021(3) RSMo (1986) (Cum. Supp. 1995).

A roll call vote was taken and the following “AYE” votes were cast:  Ehlmann, Lohmar, Pundmann, Mack, Cilek, and Robertson.  The Board adjourned into Closed Session.


On a motion by Lohmar and a second by Pundmann, the Board voted to reconvene into Open Session. A roll-call vote was taken and the following “AYE” votes were cast: Ehlmann, Lohmar, Pundmann, Mack, Cilek, and Robertson. The Board reconvened into Open Session, and Robertson excused himself from the meeting at that time.


On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Cilek, the following personnel recommendations were approved:


  • Brunson, William (HSK) Lead Housekeeper
  • Smith, Stacie (CCD) Education Supervisor – NECC
  • Edgar, Sylvia (HR) Title IX Coordinator / Sr. HR Generalist
  • Thomas, Christal (ADV) Academic Counselor


  • Davis, Lisa (AHS) Adjunct Faculty to One-Semester Fixed Term Appointment, Instructor, Political Science
  • George, Paige (ACS) Academic Counselor to Accessibility Services Manager
  • Luke, Sharra (CDC) PT Assistant Teacher to FT Assistant Teacher
  • O’Neil, Edmond (ENS) Evening Office Assistant to Enrollment Services Assistant
  • Venn, Richard (MSB) Adjunct Faculty to One-Semester Fixed Term Appointment, Instructor, Business


  • Jensen, Sadie (LRA) Library Assistant
  • Tiek, Brandon (HSK) Housekeeper


  • Chesbrough, Annie (YPT) PB Young People’s Theater Assistant
  • Chitwood, Audrey (NAH) Adjunct Faculty
  • Dames, Rebecca (LRC) Reference Librarian
  • Grewal, Harminder (NAH) Adjunct Faculty
  • Grissum, Christine (NAH) Adjunct Faculty
  • Horner, Nila (MKT) Office Assistant
  • House, Galadriel (ENS) Work Study
  • Jackson, Barcus (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Jones, Leah (NAH) Adjunct Faculty
  • Kaufmann, Donald (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Lozano, Javier (AEL) PB AEL Instructor
  • Miesner, Jessica (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Miller, Jeffrey (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Napoli, Joseph (STAV) Work Study
  • Nichols, Beth (NAH) Adjunct Faculty
  • Niehaus, Kristina (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Palmer, Toni (NAH) Adjunct Faculty
  • Porzelt, Sarah (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Schneider, Matthew (DPS) Police Officer
  • Ward, Jenny (NAH) Adjunct Faculty


  • Schreiber, David (DPS) Police Officer to Clery Act Compliance Officer/Sr. Criminal Investigator
  • Schultz, Timothy (CCD) PB AEL Instructor to PB AEL Substitute
  • Tyler, Kanita (NAH) FT Faculty Fixed-Term Appointment to Adjunct Faculty


  • Blackburn, Jared (ACE) Work Study
  • Crews, Lois Jeanne (MSB) Adjunct Faculty (deceased)
  • Fredrick, Claire (CED) PB Continuing Education Instructor II
  • Gustafson, Patrick (CED) PB Continuing Education Instructor II
  • Kearns, Thomas (ATH) Head Coach, Men’s Soccer
  • Klein, Kristina (AEL) PB AEL Instructor
  • Lucas, Janice (CED) PB Continuing Education Instructor II
  • Price, Terrance (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Ristich, Bruce (WFD) PB Contract Trainer III
  • Saville, Lisa (ACE) Student Assistant
  • Shrum, Stephanie (DPS) Police Officer
  • Spector, Teresa (CED) PB Continuing Education Instructor II
  • Werdes, Mary (MSB) Adjunct Faculty


On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Cilek, sabbatical leave for William Griffin was approved as presented for the Fall 2015 semester.

On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Cilek, sabbatical leave for Allison Ouellette-Kirby was approved as presented for the Fall 2015 semester.

On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Lohmar, sabbatical leave for Michael Kuelker was approved as presented for the Fall 2015 semester.


Ehlmann expressed concerns related to some students’ ability to complete math requirements and suggested research into development of a program for non-math majors.


No additional comments were made by Board members.


The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled on Monday, February 16, 2015, at 5:30 p.m. in the Board Room. 


On a motion by Cilek and a second by Pundmann, the meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.