Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes (Approved)

Monday, Feb. 17, 2014

Call to Order and Introduction of Guests

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Board president Robertson with all members present except Mack and Lohmar; Lohmar arrived after the call to order. Also present were College president Ron Chesbrough; Cabinet members Chris Breitmeyer, Donna Davis, Heather McDorman, Kasey McKee, Bill Strecker, and Todd Galbierz; and staff member Julie Parcel.

Audience members who introduced themselves were staff members Ryan Buenemann, Michael Dunkus, Susie Rubemeyer, and Chris Romer; faculty member Darren Osburn; student Tiffany Ramirez; and Office of the State Auditor representatives Chris Vetter and Steven Ré.

Acceptance of Minutes: Regular Meeting of January 27, 2014

On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Proost, minutes of the January 27, 2014, regular Board meeting were accepted with an amendment to the second paragraph under “Other.” The last sentence will be omitted, since Board members did not receive a copy of the State Auditor’s report in advance of the February 17, 2014, meeting.

Approval of Agenda

On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Ehlmann, the agenda was approved.

Treasurer's Report – Approval to Pay Bills

Ehlmann presented the Treasurer’s Report. Cash in bank $4,920,213; total investments $21,500,000; tuition and fees received to date $16,073,023; local taxes received to date $14,528,248; state appropriations received to date $4,965,181. On a motion by Proost and a second by Pundmann, the Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

On a motion by Proost and a second by Pundmann, the Board approved payment of bills from the Operating Fund in the amount of $4,337,033.

Student Senate Report

Tiffany Ramirez, Student Senate president, reported the following:

  • The last meeting of the Student Senate was canceled due to inclement weather.
  • The MCCA Student Government Association conference is scheduled for late February. Details about the conference will be reported at the next meeting.

Faculty Association Report

Darren Osburn, Faculty Association president, reported the following:

  • Jayme Blandford (English) recently participated in a webinar for a National Endowment for the Humanities grant called “Bridging Cultures through Community Colleges.” The webinar, The Importance of Working with Federally Recognized Tribes, covered the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act and how we can do better research with current collections.
  • Nancy Graviett, Professor of Business Administrative Systems, coauthored another text for Pearson, GO! All In One, Second Edition. Nancy was responsible for writing all of the chapters covering software applications and creating student training videos for all of the Office applications.
  • Mike Fuszner, full time program coordinator and faculty for the Computer Networking program, participated in the following week-long training courses online:
    • CSSIA Ethical Hacking: December 9-13 (9:00-5:00)
    • Linux I: December 16-19 (9:00-5:00)
    • Linus II: January 6-9 (9:00-5:00)
    • LPI Academy Linux Essentials: January 20-24 (9:00-5:00)
  • Bryonie Carter (English) was recently accepted to Saint Louis University’s American Studies doctoral program with scholarship assistance. She will begin her part-time studies in Fall, 2014, and plans to focus on transnational American women writers from the Modernist period and mythology.
  • Dave Van Mierlo (CJ) recently coordinated a visit from Richard Callahan, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri. Van Mierlo reports that “Mr. Callahan gave a talk and took questions afterward that laid out the role of the US Attorney and explained in response to questions how a student might make his or her way into a specific position within the US Attorney’s such as on the counter terrorism team or white collar crimes team.”
  • Dawn Huffman (ESL) reports the Academic ESL Program and Global Student Network have had numerous celebrations this year. The celebrations help our international students interact with Americans to share their cultures and also helps our internationals deal better with homesickness and loneliness.
  • Denise McCracken, Vi Rajagopalan, Will Griffin and Monica Hall Woods are all hosting events during Global Days on February 26 and 27.
  • Virginia Guneyli (ENG) reports that award-winning author Daniel Woodrell, author of Winter’s Bone, will read at SCC at 7 p.m. Thursday, February 20, in the SSB Auditorium.

Report of the College President

Dr. Chesbrough presented highlights and provided printed copies of the February 2014 President’s Report. An electronic version of the president’s report can be found online at:

Closed Session

On a motion by Lohmar and a second by Ehlmann, the Board voted to adjourn into Closed Session as allowed by RSMo 610.021.3 and 610.021.17 to discuss the following:

(3) Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of particular employees by a public governmental body when personal information about the employee is discussed or recorded.

(17) Confidential or privileged communications between a public governmental body and its auditor, including all auditor work product.

A roll call vote was taken and the following “AYE” votes were cast: Ehlmann, Lohmar, Pundmann, Robertson, and Proost. The Board adjourned into Closed Session.

After discussion in these areas, on a motion by Lohmar and a second by Ehlmann, the Board voted to reconvene into Open Session. A roll call vote was taken and the following “AYE” votes were cast: Ehlmann, Lohmar, Pundmann, Robertson, and Proost. The Board reconvened into Open Session.

Award of Bids

Lawn Care Services Contract – On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Lohmar, the Board awarded a contract for lawn care services to The Greenwood Group, LLC of New Melle, MO in an estimated annual amount of $78,000.00. This contract is for a period of two years with the option to renew for a third and fourth year. Funding Source: Current Operating – Grounds

Canvas Learning Management System – On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Lohmar, the Board approved a contract with Instructure, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT for a three year agreement in the amount of $392,108.00 for replacement of the current Learning Management System (LMS). Funding Source: Technology Fund

Contract for Copy and Fine Papers and Related Supplies – On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Lohmar, the Board awarded contracts to Xpedx, Fenton, MO and Office Depot, Naperville, IL for the purchase of copy and fine paper and related supplies for a period of one year, with the option to renew for up to four additional one-year terms. The total estimated amount of the contract is $53,800.00 with no guaranteed amount going to any one vendor. Funding Source: Current Operating – Copy Center

Adobe Software Agreements – On a motion by Ehlmann and a second by Pundmann, the Board approved renewal of the College’s current Adobe Cumulative Licensing Program Agreement in an estimated contract amount of $7,000.00 with Adobe Software, San Jose, CA for a period of two years with the option to renew; and awarded a contract based on the Adobe Education Enterprise Agreement in an estimated annual amount of $51,000.00 to Adobe Software, San Jose, CA for a period of one year with the option to renew, with En Pointe Technologies, St. Louis MO to be used as the Authorized National and Regional Educational Reseller. Funding Source: Current Operating, Enhancement Grant, Other Funds

Personnel Recommendations

On a motion by Pundmann and a second by Ehlmann, the following personnel recommendations were approved:

Full-Time New and Replacement Hires

  • Baumann, Joseph (AHS) Assistant Professor
  • Greenwalt, Lori (ENS) Assessment Technician
  • McWhorter, Rachel (AHS) Assistant Professor
  • Montgomery, Kylene (ENS) Veteran Services Coordinator

Full-Time Changes

  • White, William (B.J.) (ENS) Academic Counselor to Transfer Services Manager

Full-Time Separations

  • Blumer, Charles (MSB) Professor (retiring)
  • Derby, Jennifer (FAC) Housekeeper
  • Ingraham, Rebecca (AHS) Professor (retiring)
  • Schwandt, Tomi (ENS) Veteran Services Coordinator

Part-Time New and Replacement Hires

  • Basye, Kayleigh (MSB) Work Study
  • Beseau, Lynne (CCD) PB Con Ed Instructor II
  • Bone, Ian (AHS) Work Study
  • Chang, Jung (Kevin) (MSB) Student Assistant
  • Cruzen, Mark (FAC) PB Maintenance Technician
  • Gajdos, Michael (ENS) Work Study
  • Galli, Phillip (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Haarmann, Sara (ENS) Work Study
  • Hiser, Kane (AHS) Accompanist
  • Jones, Jessica (ENS) Work Study
  • Kingsley, Jeremy (AHS) Work Study
  • Land, Sarah-Marie (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Leible, Max (MSB) Student Assistant
  • Martin, Ariella (NAH) Adjunct Faculty
  • McSparin, Brett (MSB) Adjunct Faculty
  • Mintert, Anthony (AHS) Student Assistant
  • Peters, Jennifer (NAH) PB Health Occupational Instructor
  • Schmidt, Keri (ATH) Assistant Softball Coach
  • Staley, Patricia (AHS) Student Assistant

Part-Time Changes

  • Scherer, Chris (CCD) PB Web Site Coordinator to PB Con Ed Instructor II

Part-Time Separations

  • Aubuchon, Rachel (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Carriker, Danell (ADS) Work Study
  • De Los Santos, Rebecca (WFD) PB Contract Trainer I
  • Garwood, Deborah (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • Hayes, Austin (BKS) Bookstore Clerk
  • Henderson, David (AHS) Adjunct Faculty
  • LaGrand, Rachel (ENS) Work Study
  • Lapish, Suzanne (ENS) Work Study
  • White, Wendy (MAC) Evening Coordinator
  • Winistoerfer, Heidi (ENS) Work Study


No other items were discussed.

Comments from Board Members

Pundmann requested a status update on the Mid Rivers Mall Drive property sale. A contract is still under negotiation.

Next Regular Meeting

The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled on Monday, March 17, 2014, at 5:30 p.m. in the Board Room (SSB 2102).


On a motion by Lohmar and a second by Ehlmann, the meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.