Article V.03 Procurement of Goods and Services: Procedures


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Procedures: Article V.03 Procurement of Goods and Services

Departmental Oversight

The Purchasing Department will be responsible for establishing procedures for the purchase of materials, supplies, equipment, and services. Purchasing procedures will be based on the objective of securing materials, supplies, equipment, and services from a responsible and responsive vendor offering the best total cost that meets the College’s specifications.

Cooperative Purchasing

The College may participate in cooperative purchasing (including joint bid arrangements, formal membership cooperatives, and permissive cooperatives) as permitted by law and that are deemed advantageous to the College.

Local Preference

In making purchases, preference will be given to commodities manufactured, mined, produced, or grown within the state of Missouri and to all firms, corporations, or individuals doing business as Missouri firms, corporations, or individuals when quality is equal or better and the delivered price is the same or less. If materials, supplies, equipment and services of equal price and quality can be secured, then preference will be given to in-district local vendors.

Purchasing Authorizations

General Purchases
  • Purchases of less than $5,000 will be made and approved by department personnel designated by the respective Dean or Director without competitive bidding.
  • Purchases of $5,000 but less than $10,000 must have three (3) written quotations, when possible, prior to purchase. Quotes may be obtained by fax, email, delivery, or standard mail. These purchases will be authorized and approved by the Dean or Director.
  • Purchases of $10,000 but less than $25,000 must have three (3) written competitive solicitations, bids, or proposals. Purchases must be authorized by the Vice President. If three (3) quotations, bids, or proposals cannot be obtained, a written exception must be approved by the respective Vice President.
  • Purchases of $25,000 or greater must have requests for bids or proposals advertised in a newspaper of general circulation. Purchases must be authorized by the respective Vice President and the College President, and must be approved by the Board of Trustees.
Emergency Purchases

The College President may waive any and all purchasing policies or procedures, including the requirement of competitive bids or proposals, when the College President has determined that there is:

  • A threat to life, property, public health or public safety.
  • A situation that requires immediate expenditure for repairs to College property in order to protect against loss or damage to College property.
  • An opportunity to prevent or minimize serious disruption of College services.
  • An immediate risk to the integrity of College records or systems.

The President will declare any such purchases to be ‘emergency purchases’ and is authorized to delegate authority to College personnel to take appropriate action. Emergency purchases will be reported to the Board of Trustees as soon as practicable. The Board of Trustees will ratify emergency purchases at their next regularly scheduled meeting.

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