Article II.04 Election to Board Positions: Policy

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Article II.04 Election to Board Positions Policy

All elections to the Board of Trustees will be carried out in accordance with state law.

Notice of Election

Before the 16th Tuesday prior to any election for the office of trustee, the general public will be notified by publication of legal notice in at least one newspaper in the district of the opening and closing filing dates, office or offices to be filled, and location and hours for filing.

Declaration of Candidacy

Each candidate, or candidate’s representative as allowed under state law, for the office of trustee must file an official Declaration of Candidacy in person at the published filing location during published filing hours. Eligibility requirements will be in accordance with state law.

Placement on Ballot

Placement of candidates’ names on the ballot will be determined by random drawing for candidates who file a Declaration of Candidacy prior to 5:00 p.m. on the first day for filing. Each candidate, or candidate’s representative as allowed under state law, will draw a number at random at the time of filing. The number drawn will be recorded on the candidate’s Declaration of Candidacy and verified in writing by the candidate and a witness. The names of these candidates will be listed in ascending order of the numbers drawn. Candidates filing after the first day will be listed in order of filing.

Assuming the Office

At the first meeting of the Board of Trustees after election results have been certified by the county election authority and the Board of Trustees, elected and certified members will present themselves for the purpose of being seated.

Vacancy on the Board of Trustees

In the case of a vacancy in membership of the Board of Trustees, the Board will be informed at its next regular meeting. Any vacancy will be filled by a majority vote of the remaining trustees. The appointed member will serve until the next election held by or for the district, when a trustee will be elected to fill the unexpired term.

Additional Information: RSMO Chapter 115

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