Article IV: Personnel

Article IV.02 Employee Background Checks

Article IV.03 Staff Introductory Period

Article IV.04 Employment-Classifications

Article IV.05 Personnel Records and Administration

Article IV.06 Outside Employment

Article IV.07 College Holidays

Article IV.09 Employment of Relatives

Article IV.10 Group Insurance Benefits (effective July 1, 2021)

Article IV.11 Social Media Use

Article IV.13 Employee Leave

Article IV.14 Military and FMLA Leave

Article IV.15 Dress Code

Article IV.16 Attendance

Article IV.17 Staff Schedule and Reporting

Article IV.18 Unemployment Compensation

Article IV.19 Wage Garnishments

Article IV.20 Direct Deposit

Article IV.21 Mandatory Deductions

Article IV.22 Worker’s Compensation

Article IV.23 Performance Evaluations

Article IV.24 Performance Deficiencies

Article IV.32 Civility Conduct

Article IV.42 Emeritus Faculty

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