850 - Definitions - Electronic Communication

850 Definitions - Electronic Communication

D – 850.1

Authorized senders

College employees who may send a broadcast e-mail to students or approve a large target group. This would include the College President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, the Student Activities Coordinator, or any of their designees.

D – 850.2

Broadcast e-mail

An e-mail sent to all students. This would include a regularly published electronic newsletter compiled and sent by the Marketing and Communications (MAC) Department, as well as separate broadcast e-mails such as urgent notifications.

D – 850.3

Content creator

Anyone who creates a broadcast or targeted e-mail. Content creators can initiate and create e-mails but may not necessarily send them.

D – 850.4

Institutional Messages

Those messages that would appear to the recipient as having come from the college as an entity, rather than from an individual sender. Some examples are:

  • The broadcast Electronic Newsletter
    • Academic program and course information and announcements.
    • Notices and deadlines related to registration, financial aid, library, academic counseling, bookstore, child center, and other campus services.
    • Student organization activities and events.
    • “People in the news” and campus highlights.
    • Cultural arts events and other calendar items.
    • Policies and procedures of the college.
  • Notification of campus network outages and other computer-related matters.
  • Emergency notices and urgent messages, including class/event cancellations, weather advisories, and health and safety alerts.
D – 850.5


Designated person who reviews e-mails generated by content creators if there is a question regarding content.

D – 850.6

Targeted broadcast e-mail

An e-mail with a message intended for a target student group; for instance, students who have missed a tuition payment deadline.

D – 850.7

Target group

A subset of students who have stchas.edu e-mail addresses designated to receive a targeted e-mail. Group lists will be created by the IT Department from addresses or criteria provided by an authorized sender or designee (excluding class rosters). A list of 40 or more recipients requires the approval of an authorized sender.

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