850.2 - Procedure for Sending Broadcast E-mails

850.2 Procedure for Sending Broadcast E-mails


Step 1: Content creator writes e-mail message. Some departments may require supervisor approval before further distribution.

Step 2: If there is a question concerning content, the message should be sent to a moderator for review.

Step 3: Content creator sends message to MAC Department for review and either (a) inclusion in Electronic Newsletter, (b) immediate distribution by MAC Dept., or, (c) return of proposed e-mail to content creator, who will send or forward for distribution.

Step 4: MAC will automatically be copied on all broadcast e-mails that are sent.


Authorized senders of broadcast e-mails may send e-mails without consulting with the MAC department in the following instances:

  • If the message was prepared in advance using a template format that was pre-approved by MAC.
  • In an emergency situation or an urgent announcement (such as a cancelled event).

Authorized Senders

  • All Vice Presidents, Deans, and Directors
  • Student Activities Coordinator
  • College President

Recommended Use of Broadcast Electronic Newsletter

The Marketing and Communications (MAC) Department will be responsible for sending a regular broadcast e-mail in the form of a student e-newsletter. The e-newsletter is the primary means of communicating news and events to students. This will preserve space in student e-mail accounts and prevent the possibility of the College e-communications being viewed by students as “spam.” Items for the newsletter should be submitted to the MAC Department for inclusion.

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