803 Using the College's Computing Resources and Information/Data

803 Using the College's Computing Resources and Information/Data

Pr-803.1 Login IDs are a unique combination of username and password granted to individuals for their use only. Whenever there is reason to believe that a login ID has been compromised, a System/Network Administrator should be contacted immediately.
Pr-803.2 All users must log out or lock PC before leaving the area.
Pr-803.3 Hard copy data obtained from the student information and administrative systems must be carefully protected, especially those which contain restricted data. Provisions must be made for secure disposal by shredding.
Pr-803.4 Users may access only accounts, files, and data that are publicly available or to which they have been given authorized access. It is the responsibility of all users to secure information that is in their possession.
Pr-803.5 The administrative data center and network wire closets are restricted to authorized personnel.
Pr-803.6 Use of the College’s network resources is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy of our Internet provider, MoreNET. It can be found at the following URL:http://www.more.net/content/service-policies.

Content Owner: Human Resources
Issued: 07/2007
Revised: 04/2008

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