801 Information and Technology Resources

801 Information and Technology Resources

Computers, networks, and electronic information systems, and the data they provide are essential college operational resources. The College grants shared access to these resources. These resources must be used and managed responsibly to ensure their integrity, security, and availability for appropriate educational and business activities. All users must adhere to approved procedures administered by the Information Technology Department.
Pr-801 Rights and Responsibilities - The Computer User
Pr-801.1 Access is granted to information technology (IT) resources in order to facilitate academic and administrative job activities. Those using IT resources agree to abide by federal and state laws, and college policies and procedures, including those related to harassment, plagiarism, commercial use, security, unethical conduct, theft, copyright and licensing infringement, unlawful intrusions, data privacy, and accessing pornography.
Pr-801.2 Users are responsible for:
  • reviewing, understanding, and complying with all policies and procedures related to access, acceptable use, and security of information technology resources;
  • asking systems administrators or data custodians for clarification on access and acceptable use issues not specifically addressed in policies and procedures; and
  • immediately reporting possible policy violations to one of the following people:
    • Director of Network Computing
    • Director of Administrative Computing
    • Associate V.P. of Technology and Online Learning
    • V.P. for Human Resources

When guests are granted access to IT resources they must abide by these policies and procedures.

Pr-801.3 Liability for Personal Communications

Computer users are responsible for the content of their personal communications. The College accepts no responsibility or liability for personal or unauthorized use of its resources by users.

Pr-801.4 Privacy and Security Awareness

Users should be aware that although the College takes reasonable security measures to protect the security of its computing resources and accounts assigned to individuals, the College does not guarantee absolute security and privacy. Users should follow the appropriate security procedures listed in this document to assist in keeping systems and accounts secure.

The College assigns responsibility for protecting its resources and data to systems administrators and data custodians, who treat the contents of individually-assigned accounts and personal communications as private, and do not examine or disclose the contents except:

  • as required for system maintenance including security measures;
  • when there exists reason to believe an individual is violating the law or college policy.
Pr-801.5 Consequences of Violations

If, in the course of an investigation, it appears necessary to protect the integrity, security, or continued operation of its computers and networks, or to protect itself from liability, the College may temporarily deny access to its IT resources. Inappropriate use of IT resources may result in disciplinary action and contact of applicable law enforcement agencies.

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