770.2 - Personal Time

770.2 Personal Time

P-770.2 The College provides personal time as an employment benefit to regular full-time staff and part-time staff hired to work a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week. Project based employees are not eligible for personal time.
Pr-770.2.1 Current full-time staff hired to work 80 hours in a bi-weekly pay period will have twenty-four (24) hours of personal time available to use on the first day of each fiscal year, July 1st. Personal time is not available until a staff member has completed the Introductory Period. Personal time may be used in 1/4 hour or greater increments. Increments of less than 1/4 hour may be allowed in situations in which there is an approved leave of absence, such as leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Only earned personal time may be taken. The College does not allow staff to use personal time in excess of their balance. Personal time may not be carried over and accumulated from year to year. Personal time not used by the last day of the fiscal year, June 30th, will be forfeited. Personal time cannot be used as the last day of employment. Upon separation, any unused personal time will be forfeited.
Pr-770.2.2 In the event of an illness or injury that is covered by worker’s compensation insurance, personal time usage may not apply.

Current staff hired to work less than 80 hours in a bi-weekly pay period, will have personal time available to use on the first day of each fiscal year, July 1st. Personal time will be pro-rated based on their FTE%, using the formula below:

a. 24 hours times FTE % (example: 24 hours times .80% = 19.20 hours)
b. 16 hours times FTE % (example: 16 hours times .80% = 12.80 hours)
c. 8 hours times FTE % (example: 8 hours times .80% = 6.40 hours)


Effective at the beginning of the 2015/2016 fiscal year, in the event a staff member reaches their maximum accrual amount of vacation, rather than forfeit additional accrual, the amount that would be forfeited will be converted to Personal Time and added to the staff member's available Personal Time balance. Personal Time balances that are unused by June 30th of each year are forfeited, as stated above.


New full-time staff hired after the start of the fiscal year (July 1) will have personal time available to use on the first day after the 90 day Introductory Period, based on the following schedule:

Start datePersonal Hours/days
a. July 1st through September 30th 24 hours/3 days
b. October 1st through December 31st 16 hours/2 days
c. January 1st through March 31st 8 hours/1 day
d. April 1st through June 30th 0 hours/0 days

Eligible new part-time staff will have personal time distributed based on their FTE calculation shown in Pr 770.2.3.

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