770.1 - Sick Time

770.1 Sick Time

P-770.1 The College provides sick time as an employment benefit to regular full-time and part-time staff hired to work a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week. Project based employees are not eligible for sick time.
Pr-770.1.1 Sick time is intended for the employee’s own illness and may be used for the purpose of visiting doctors, dentists or other recognized practitioners. Sick time may also be used for the purpose of tending to an illness of a spouse, domestic partner, child, parent or sibling. Additionally, sick time may be used for any relative and/or dependent living in an employee’s home. Employees are required to advise their supervisor as early as possible when they will be absent from work due to illness or doctor’s appointment. Employees must obtain supervisory approval on the Employee Absence Record in order to receive sick time pay.
Pr-770.1.2 The College may, in its sole and absolute discretion, require a doctor’s certificate verifying the necessity for any absence(s).
Pr-770.1.3 Sick time begins accruing on the first day worked in an eligible position as described in P-770.1. Sick time may be used in 1/4 hour or greater increments. Increments of less than 1/4 hour may be allowed in situations in which there is an approved leave of absence, such as leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Only accrued sick time may be taken. The College does not allow employees to use sick time in excess of their accrual balance. Upon separation, any unused sick time will be forfeited.
Pr-770.1.4 In the event of an illness or injury that is covered by worker’s compensation insurance, sick time usage may not apply.
Pr-770.1.5 Eligible employees accrue sick time on the number of hours paid each pay period, up to the maximum hours they were hired to work in a pay period.

  • For 80 hour bi-weekly pay period, non-exempt support staff, exempt professional/technical staff and administrative staff:
Years of Employment Bi-Weekly
Accrual Rate
(in hours)
Total Accrual
Per Year
(in days)
(a) From eligible date of hire 3.70 hours 12 days
  • Staff hired to work less than 80 hours in a bi-weekly pay period, will accrue sick time using the formula below, based on the hours they were paid in a pay period, up to the maximum hours they were hired to work.

(a) .0462 times the number of hour paid for in a pay period

(Staff who are less than 100% FTE (80 hour bi-weekly payroll) maximum accruals are determined by taking the full-time maximum of 960 hours times their FTE % - example: 80% FTE (64 hour bi-weekly payroll), take 960 hours times .80 = 768 hours maximum)

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