714 - Meals and Breaks

714 Meals and Breaks

P-714.0 Employees may take one (1) fifteen minute paid break for each four (4) hours worked, as approved and scheduled by the supervisor. Employees working more than 6 hours will be given an unpaid meal period.
Pr-714.0.1 The time of meal periods scheduled varies among departments, depending on the needs of each department. Employees who are scheduled to work eight (8) hours and who take two breaks will schedule one-half (.50) hour unpaid lunch. For the employee who is scheduled to work eight (8) hours, an allowable alternative schedule is to combine the paid break(s) with the unpaid lunch. Non-exempt employees must not perform any work during their unpaid meal period.
Pr-714.0.2 Meals and breaks may not be taken at the beginning of or at the end of the workday except for special circumstances with supervisory approval.
Pr-714.0.3 Non-exempt employees normally scheduled to work less than ten (10) hours per shift, will receive a meal allowance of eight (8) dollars when working in excess of ten (10) hours in one day at the request of the College. This provision does not apply when the College furnishes meals. Meal allowance forms are available in the Cashier’s Office.

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