650 - Academic Support

650 Academic Support

Pr-650.0.1 Academic and Career Enhancement (ACE) Center

The ACE Tutoring Center provides a variety of learning support services to help students improve basic skills, prepare for college work, and be successful in their college courses. It is open to all students registered for college credit classes as well as students who are working on their High School Equivalency Test (HISET). An academic computer lab is available to improve basic skills and support course work in a number of areas. Some assistance is provided on a walk-in basis – other services are available by appointment.

ACE Materials

The ACE Tutoring Center offers materials and resources related to a variety of subject areas. Faculty who wish to provide materials for use in the ACE Tutoring Center should forward them to the Dean of Learning Resources and Academic Support. Materials used for multiple courses are typically purchased by ACE Tutoring Center funds; those used for specific classes are charged to individual departments or programs.

First Alert

The First Alert Program is designed to help students who lack the essential skills to succeed in current course work, and who need more time and attention than faculty can devote to them. Faculty may refer students to First Alert to receive tutoring. The tutoring time may only involve a few sessions but more help is available if necessary. Faculty must obtain student's permission before referring students to the First Alert program. Once permission is obtained, faculty must complete a First Alert Referral Form, available through the division office coordinator. Students may also self-refer. For further information, call 636-922-8549.
Pr-651.0.1 Accessibility Services

The involvement and cooperation of the faculty in assisting students to overcome barriers is extremely important. In order to facilitate physical access, each classroom is equipped with a desk for wheelchair access.

If necessary, the College will make reasonable modifications to its academic requirements to comply with legal requirements ensuring that such requirements do not discriminate or have the effect of discriminating, on the basis of a student's known and adequately documented disability, unless the requested modification would require alteration of essential elements of the program, or essential elements of directly related licensing requirements, or would result in undue financial or administrative burdens. The faculty, in cooperation with the Accessibility Coordinating Counselor, will determine the appropriate modification or substitute. A Waiver and Substitution Form, along with additional information, can be found at Office of Accessibility Services – Administrative Procedures.
Pr-652.0.1 Audio-visual Equipment

Audio-visual equipment stored in a division office must be scheduled through the division office coordinator. Transportation of the equipment is the faculty member's responsibility. Equipment must be returned at the end of class. Any audio-visual equipment needing repairs should be reported to the division office coordinator.

The Instructional Media Office is located in Room 209 of the Learning Resource Center. It contains various specialized audio-visual equipment, including music and sound systems, laptop and multimedia computers, video/data projectors, scanners, CD-ROM recorders, digital and 35mm cameras, and camcorders. This equipment is available for use by all college personnel.
Copyright Permission

See United States Copyright Office.
Distance Learning

See Distance Learning.
Pr-653.0.1 Instructional Media

Instructional Media personnel are available to assist faculty members with planning, preparing, and using various forms of instructional media, including photography, video, audio, computer multimedia, and the Internet. They can consult with you to determine what types of media are appropriate and effective for your course material and can help you prepare materials for classroom use. Call either extension 8449 or 8445 for assistance.

See SCC Library.
Pr-654.0.1 Mailbox and Message Center

Each division has an assigned office area in one of the office suites of the Administration (ADM) building, Humanities (HUM) building, Fine Arts (FAB) building, Technology (TECH) building, Social Sciences (SSB) building, or Visual Arts (VAB) building. A mailbox/message center is provided in each division office. Interoffice mail should not be used for commercial solicitation or personal business. U.S. Mail service is provided to division offices twice daily.
Pr-655.0.1 Office and Classroom Supplies

Office and classroom supplies (e.g. pencils, whiteboard markers) are available in each division office. For questions or specific needs, please contact the division office coordinator.
Pr-656.0.1 Publicity and Printed Material

For materials other than class handouts or syllabi, the request for printed materials and publicity must be made through the dean to the Office of Marketing and Communications. This also includes items for the Chaz, e-Outlook, College Calendar, etc. Guidelines for all external publications and internal postings must be followed. Guidelines can be found on the college Intranet or from the Office of Marketing and Communications.
Pr-657.0.1 Purchasing Instructional Materials

Audio-visual Equipment Purchases

All audio-visual equipment purchases must be sent through the Instructional Media (IM) Office. The IM office will check the bid to ensure that the department is ordering equipment according to the minimum college specifications. The Purchasing Department orders, receives, and if necessary, inventory tags the equipment. The IM office checks the equipment to make certain that it is in working order and inventories the equipment.

Software Purchases

Installation of software on faculty computers is done by IT personnel. "Testing" computers are available in each building to install software on a trial basis to check for network and Microsoft compatibility.

Books and Other Reference Materials

All books and reference materials purchased by departments should be catalogued in the Library and checked out to the department, even those that are purchased with department funds. This will ensure that all college-owned materials are available to faculty, staff, and students.
Pr-658.0.1 Secretarial Services

Secretarial services are available through the division office coordinator in each division office. Duplicating service is provided through the College Copy Center. Contact the division office coordinator for routing information. Faculty are expected to comply with the U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S. Code).
Pr-659.0.1 Teleconferences

The College can downlink teleconferences and show them live or tape them for later use. The requestor will be responsible for publicizing and hosting the teleconference. Some teleconferences of general interest to the College may be licensed and paid for by the Learning Resource Division; others should be licensed and paid for with Division/Department funds. Contact the Instructional Media Office to schedule the use of the satellite dish and reserve the room.
Pr-660.0.1 Website

The College website provides information about the College, its mission and services, and its events and programs. In addition, Web pages may be used to provide access to educational resources, informational tools, navigational aids, and further the professional growth and development of the faculty and staff. Full-time and part-time faculty are encouraged to develop home pages to provide materials they believe will be of interest to people within and outside the College. To develop a personal Web page, review the policies and procedures on the Web publishing information page of the College website.
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