592 - Prohibition of Violence

592 Prohibition of Violence

P-592.0 The College is committed to providing an environment that is free from violence or threats of violence. Consistent with this policy, acts or threats of physical violence, including intimidation, harassment, and/or coercion, which involve or affect the College, whether on or off college property, are prohibited.
Pr-592.0.1 If there is imminent threat of further violence, or if any parties are in need of medical attention, emergency personnel must be contacted immediately by calling the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 636-922-8545 or 911.
Pr-592.0.2 Individuals must report incidents of threats or acts of physical violence of which they are aware. Students should report incidents immediately to DPS and the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. Employees must report incidents immediately to DPS, the Vice President for Human Resources, the employee’s supervisor, or to another member of management.
Pr-592.0.3 The College's prohibition against threats and acts of violence applies to all work locations, including offices, worksites, vehicles, field locations or other locations where College business is conducted. It further applies to anyone acting as a representative of the College outside of such locations.
Pr-592.0.4 All members of the College community are covered by this policy, including faculty, staff, students, contract and temporary workers, and anyone else on College property or other locations as listed in Pr 492/592.0.1. The policy applies to violence or threats of violence by employees directed against other employees, employees directed against students or visitors, and by students or visitors directed against employees, other students or visitors.
Pr-592.0.5 Violations of this policy will lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, removal from campus and/or involvement of law enforcement agencies, as applicable.
D-592.0.1 In the workplace, acts or threats of violence include conduct that is sufficiently severe, offensive, or intimidating to alter the employment conditions at the College, or to create a hostile, abusive or intimidating work environment for one or more employees. Examples of workplace violence include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. All threats or acts of violence occurring on College premises, regardless of the relationship between the College and the parties involved.

2. All threats or acts of violence occurring off College premises involving someone who is acting in the capacity of a representative of the College.

D-592.0.2 Specific examples of conduct that may be considered threats or acts of violence include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Hitting or shoving an individual.

2. Threatening an individual or that individual’s family, friends, associates, or property with harm.

3. Intentional destruction or threatening to destroy any college property.

4. Making harassing or threatening phone calls.

5. Harassing surveillance or stalking (following or watching someone).

6. Unauthorized possession or inappropriate use of firearms or weapons.

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