591 - Behavioral Intervention Team

591 Behavioral Intervention Team


The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a cross-functional assessment group that will respond to students in apparent or potential distress and provide assistance to students who are exhibiting concerning behaviors. BIT is responsible for upholding college policies and procedures regarding student behavior.

Pr-591.0.1 Reporting a Concern

All students and employees should consider it their responsibility to report concerning behaviors for the safety and well-being of the student and campus community.

Emergencies must be reported to 636-922-8545 (DPS) or 911. BIT will be dispatched if needed. A BIT Incident Report can be completed by clicking here.

Non-emergencies may be reported by completing a BIT Incident Report form or by calling the BIT message line at 636-922-8111. Messages and reports are retrieved periodically during regular business hours.

The team will follow up promptly with the individual initiating the report to gather additional information. In most cases, an interview will be arranged with the student of concern to determine appropriate actions.


BIT Actions

BIT will determine which member(s) will assess the incident report and determine actions consistent with college policy.

Assessment may include:
  • Confirming to reporting parties that the report was received.
  • Clarifying details.
  • Interviewing the involved individual(s).
Initial actions may include:
  • Referring student to support services.
  • Facilitating meeting between concerned parties.
  • Contacting individuals such as parents, guardians, friends, and faculty.
  • Referral to Dean of Student Development or designee.
  • Referral to the Department of Public Safety.

Follow-up actions may include:

  • Coordinating supportive services.
    • Establishing behavioral expectations.
    • Confirming continuity of care.

Student Response


The ethics of BIT are to provide confidential, respectful, proactive support, while offering resources and balancing the educational needs of students consistent with the mission of SCC. BIT is not meant to take the place of standard classroom management techniques utilized by faculty. Implementation of this team does not alter any existing discipline policies. Rather, BIT centralizes the reporting of concerning student behavior, publicizes current policy, and encourages early intervention. The goals of BIT are as follows:

  • Review information from faculty, staff, students and/or community members; conduct investigation to determine appropriate response.
  • Intervene early. Provide support and response to students displaying varying levels of disruptive, disturbed or distressed behaviors.
  • Centralize collection and assessment of concerning student behaviors. ‘Connect the dots’ of disparate problematic actions involving one student that may be known to various faculty, staff and administrators.
  • Coordinate follow-up. Ensure that services, support and resources are deployed effectively.
  • Utilize a formalized protocol of instructions for communication, coordination and intervention.
  • Balance FERPA, HIPAA and counselor privilege with college need-to-know and emergency communication needs.
  • Coordinate actions: Psychological assessment, student conduct actions, disability services, hospitalization and/or medical leave/withdrawal, as needed.
D-591.0.3.1 Distressed Behavior: Students who may be emotionally troubled and/or impacted by situational stressors and traumatic event(s).
D-591.0.3.2 Disturbed Behavior: Students who may be behaviorally disruptive, acting in an unusual or bizarre fashion, may be destructive and harmful to self or others and may be abusing substances.
D-591.0.3.3 Dysregulated Behavior: Students may be suicidal, para-suicidal (extreme cutting, eating disordered), engaging in risk taking behaviors (e.g. substance abusing), may be hostile, aggressive, relationally abusive and may be deficient in skills that regulate emotion, cognition, self, behavior and relationships.
S-591.0.2 For a list of BIT members, click here.
S-591.0.3 For BIT Resources, click here.
S-591.0.4 For BIT FAQs, click here.

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