581.7 - Political Campaigns and Holding Political Office

581.7 Political Campaigns and Holding Political Office

P-581.7 As responsible and interested citizens in a democratic society, College employees, like other citizens, are free to enter or manage political campaigns. However, in doing so there are employment stipulations and implications as listed in the following procedures.
Pr-581.7.1 In advance of announcing candidacy or accepting any elected or appointed office, an employee must notify the College President of the decision.
Pr-581.7.2 College employees may not hold elected or appointed political office at the state or federal level. If elected or appointed to state or federal office, the employee must resign prior to assuming office.
Pr-581.7.3 Full-time College employees may not hold full-time local political office.
Pr-581.7.4 Employees may hold a part-time position as a member of a school board, city council, county legislative body, or other part-time local school or municipal office.
Pr-581.7.5 Employees may not manage or take part in political campaign activities if doing so interferes with the duties and responsibilities of the employee’s position. Such activities must not occur during work time and must not be in violation of College policies including 581.6-Political Activity on Campus.
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