581.1 - Transportation Safety

581.1 Transportation Safety

P-581.1 Employees who are required to operate a College vehicle or to transport students or other employees must have prior authorization from the Human Resources Department.
Pr-581.1.1 Employees transporting students or other employees must have the appropriate valid driver’s license as determined by Missouri DOT guidelines and an acceptable motor vehicle report. Motor vehicle reports are obtained by the Human Resources Department. For those required to have a license other than the standard "F" license, the College will reimburse the employee for the difference between the fee for "F" and the College-required license.
Pr-581.1.2 Employees whose jobs require the operation of a College vehicle, and employees who transport students or other employees on a recurring basis or more than an incidental basis, are required to obtain a Class “E” license.
Pr-581.1.3 Employees who are not hired in driving positions, but who drive occasionally as an incident to employment, including the occasional, non-recurring transport of students or other employees, are required to have the standard Class “F” license.
Pr-581.1.4 Periodic follow-up motor vehicle reports for the above-referenced employees will be performed on an annual basis unless the initial or subsequent report is considered questionable for an “acceptable driving record”. Those records in question may be checked quarterly until the College deems the record acceptable for annual follow up.
Pr-581.1.5 The College provides insurance for College vehicles. The employee is responsible for complying with applicable laws and fines and moving or parking violations incurred while operating a College vehicle.
Pr-581.1.6 Persons not authorized or employed by the College must not operate or ride in a College vehicle.
Pr-581.1.7 An employee who has been authorized by the Human Resources Department to drive is required to report any violations (other than parking) and drug- or alcohol-related charges immediately to Human Resources. Violations reported prior to periodic checks may result in an employee’s temporary disqualification from driving eligibility until the legal outcome has been determined. Failure to inform the College of a violation may result in disciplinary action.
Pr-581.1.8 Employees are obligated to follow relevant driving laws. Cell phone use (including texting) when driving is prohibited.
Pr-581.1.9 The College is not liable for any fines resulting from violation of laws or claims from a motor vehicle accident.
“College vehicle” is defined as any motor vehicle owned by the College.
D-581.1.2 “Acceptable Driving Record” will not contain any of the following:
    1. More than three moving violations in a one-year period during the previous three years.
    2. A suspended license or a license restricted because of a moving violation in the last three years.
    3. DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated) conviction in the last five years.
    4. Operation of a motor vehicle during revocation or suspension of a license.
    5. Operation of a motor vehicle without a valid license or permit.
    6. Failure to stop and report when involved in an accident.
    7. Homicide or assault arising out of the operation of a motor vehicle.
    8. Pending warrant for arrest.
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