570 - College Holidays

570 College Holidays

P-570.0 The following days shall be paid holidays for regular full-time administrative, professional, technical and support employees and for part-time employees in these categories who are employed for at least twenty (20) hours per week on a regular basis. The College will be closed on these holidays. With the exception of essential security employees and, at times, certain other essential employees, employees normally will not be required to report to work. Certain externally funded employees may be required to follow alternate holiday schedules.

New Year's Day
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Spring Holiday (assigned to Good Friday unless otherwise assigned by College administration)
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Day before Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
The weekdays which fall between observed Christmas and New Year holidays.
One (1) “floating holiday” each fiscal year as scheduled by the College administration.

Pr-570.0.1 Whenever a designated holiday falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, the holiday will be observed on either the preceding Friday or the following Monday as determined appropriate by the College Administration.
Pr-570.0.2 Full-time employees shall be paid for eight (8) hours at the employee’s regular rate of compensation for a holiday. Adjustments in work schedules may be made for employees who are assigned alternate work schedules. Employees who are assigned to certain externally funded programs will be provided paid holidays in accordance with guidelines applicable to such programs with appropriate application of this Policy and Administrative Procedures.
Pr-570.0.3 Regular part-time employees who are employed to work twenty (20) hours or more per week shall be paid for a holiday at the employee’s regular rate of compensation for a number of hours determined by a pro-ration of the hours the individual is employed per week to full time (40 hours) of employment. (Example: an employee who works 20 hours per week would be paid 4 hours of holiday pay for each holiday.)
Pr-570.0.4 In order to qualify for holiday pay, an employee must work all scheduled work hours on the last scheduled workday previous to the holiday and on the first scheduled workday immediately following the holiday or, in lieu of working all such hours, be approved for paid vacation, sick time, personal time, jury duty, bereavement, or paid military leave. When taking paid time off in lieu of working, an employee must have accrued time of at least 50% of scheduled work hours. An employee absent on an unpaid leave is not eligible for paid holidays during such leave.
Pr-570.0.5 An employee absent from work due to an on-the-job injury or illness will receive the appropriate worker compensation payment in effect, if any, in lieu of holiday pay.
Pr-570.0.6 Whenever a holiday occurs on an employee’s scheduled day off, the employee will be given holiday pay in accordance with Administrative Procedures 570.0.2 and 570.0.3 above. In lieu of such holiday pay, a full-time employee may request and, with the supervisor’s approval, be granted another specified work day off with pay within the same pay period as the holiday.
Pr-570.0.7 A non-exempt employee who is required to work on a holiday shall be paid holiday pay and the employee shall be paid additional compensation at the employee’s regular rate of compensation for all hours the employee actually works on the holiday.
Pr-570.0.8 An exempt employee who is required to work on a holiday may be granted, with the supervisor’s approval, another specified work day off with pay in lieu of the holiday.
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