570.5 - Jury Duty Pay

570.5 Jury Duty Pay

P- 570.5 The College encourages employees to fulfill their civic responsibilities by serving jury duty when required. The College will pay employees for the hours/days scheduled when called for jury duty.
Pr- 570.5.1 In the event an employee is called for jury duty, the employee must, within forty-eight (48) hours, bring a copy of the summons to his or her supervisor. Upon return to work following jury duty, the employee must provide the written notice of jury duty actually served.
Pr- 570.5.2 Employees released from jury duty before the end of their scheduled work day are required to report to work. For employees who work second, third, or weekend shifts, release time from work for jury duty will be authorized by the supervisor and the Human Resources Department.
Pr- 570.5.3 Any compensation an employee receives for jury duty may be retained by the employee.
Pr- 570.5.4 Employees are granted jury duty pay only for hours/days that they are scheduled to work.
Pr- 570.5.5 When an employee must attend court on behalf of the College, the time is counted as work time and not as jury duty.
Pr- 570.5.6 An employee who is a plaintiff, a defendant, or a witness in a court proceeding unrelated to College business, may request vacation or personal time off through normal departmental processes.
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