558.4 - Military Leave

558.4 Military Leave

P-558.4 The College provides military leave for eligible employees in accordance with the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) of 1994 and Missouri Revised Statutes.
Pr-558.4.1 The employee must provide an oral or written advance notice of military service to his/her supervisor and Human Resources.
Pr-558.4.2 Pay and Benefit Coverage

Employees being granted military leave of absence will be paid for up to 120 hours of military duty in a federal fiscal year (October 1-September 30). There will be no change in the medical, dental, and other benefit coverage during this period.

Employees requiring more than 120 hours of military leave will be granted an unpaid military leave of absence. Employees may use vacation/personal time in advance of beginning unpaid military leave. In the case of unpaid military leave of absence exceeding 30 days, the employee may continue benefit coverage by paying the full cost of coverage (both the employee and the employer premiums). If the employee chooses to suspend benefit coverage, the employee will be eligible for reinstatement of benefits, without any waiting period upon returning to work.

During the period of military leave with pay, the employee will not incur a loss of service and will continue to accrue vacation/sick/personal time. The employee will receive any salary increase for which otherwise he/she would be eligible.

Pr-558.4.3 Impact on Future Retirement Benefits

For information on potential impact of Military Leave on retirement benefits, the employee should refer to the PSRS-PEERS website at www.psrs-peers.org.

Pr-558.4.4 Returning from Military Service

Upon discharge from active duty an employee granted a military leave must apply for re-employment within the following time limits:

Military Duty Re-application Period
< 31 days 8 hours + travel time
32-180 days 14 days + travel time
> 181 days 90 days + travel time

The above time limits for reapplication may be extended when an employee suffers service-related injuries preventing re-employment.

The returning employee will be re-employed in the job with the same seniority status, pay, and benefits that he/she would have attained if continuously working and not on a military leave. Reasonable efforts will be made to provide any necessary training to the returning employee.

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