558.3 - Personal Leave of Absence

558.3 Personal Leave of Absence

P-558.3 Employees needing to be absent from work on an unpaid basis beyond 2 work weeks must apply for a Personal Leave of Absence when leave under all other leave policies is not applicable. Any Personal Leave of Absence is granted at the discretion of the College. While every attempt is made to retain the employee's position, there is no guarantee the position or an alternate position will be available when the employee is ready to return to work.
Pr-558.3.1 Eligibility
Employees must have successfully met the Introductory Period in order to apply for a Personal Leave of Absence and they must have exhausted all applicable sick, personal, and vacation time.
Pr-558.3.2 Requesting Leave
The employee must submit a written request to the Human Resources Department. This request will provide information as to the reason for and length of the leave requested. The employee must provide verification of the need for a leave as directed by the Human Resources Department.
Pr-558.3.3 Approval Process
In cooperation with the employee's supervisor, the Vice President for Human Resources will determine if a leave may be granted and for what length of time.
Pr-558.3.4 Pay While On Leave
The Leave is unpaid since an employee uses all applicable accrued sick, personal, and vacation time before applying for this Leave.
Pr-558.3.5 Continuation of Benefits while on Personal Leave
The employee will be responsible for the employee's and employer's portions of maintaining individual and family group insurance coverage. In order for coverage to be maintained, the employee must provide the College with the payment for insurance premiums on paydays. Consult the Human Resources Department for premium rates.
Pr-558.3.6 Impact on Future Retirement Benefits
For information on potential impact of Personal Leave of Absence on retirement benefits, the employee should refer to the PSRS-PEERS website at www.psrs-peers.org.
Pr-558.3.7 Returning from Leave
While every effort is made to retain the employee's position, there is no guarantee this will be possible when an employee is in unpaid status. Near the end of the Personal Leave of Absence, the employee must contact the Human Resources Department and communicate a desire to return from leave. The Human Resources Department and the employee's supervisor will determine if the employee will return to work in the same position or if there is an alternate position available. In the event that no position is available, the employee will no longer be employed by the College and may reapply for employment at a later date. An employee's failure to return from Leave on the designated date will be handled in accordance with the Attendance Policy.
Pr-558.3.8 Fitness-for-Duty Requirements
Employees who take leave under this policy due to their own serious health condition must provide to the Human Resources Department, in advance of returning to work, a "return-to-work" slip from their health care provider stating that they are able to resume the essential functions of their jobs. Employees may not return to work without the appropriate doctor's note.
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