550.2 - Tuition Waiver for Courses Taken at St. Charles Community College

550.2 Tuition Waiver for Courses Taken at St. Charles Community College

P-550.2 The College provides waiver of applicable tuition charges for credit courses at the College for faculty and staff including externally funded employees, their spouses and eligible dependents in accordance with established Administrative Procedures. Student Assistants, Educational Aides, work-study students and project based employees are not eligible for tuition waiver. Other institutional fees including course specific fees and books and related materials are the responsibility of the employee, spouse or eligible dependent.

All eligible individuals utilizing tuition waivers at the College will be subject to the same entrance requirements, enrollment procedures and rules that apply to regular students of the College unless otherwise noted in Administrative Procedures.

Tuition waivers are available to College staff, faculty, their spouses and eligible dependents only to the extent that tuition charges are not covered by grants, scholarships, reimbursement from other employers or state and federal programs. Individuals requesting a waiver are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


A one hundred percent (100%) waiver of tuition charges is available to staff who are assigned to a minimum thirty-two (32) hour work week on a regular basis and who have successfully completed the applicable introductory period following initial employment and to full-time faculty following satisfactory completion of at least one full semester of teaching. The tuition waiver is available for the next semester following completion of the introductory period or the semester of teaching.


Part time staff are eligible for tuition waiver on a prorated basis if employed for at least twenty (20) hours per week on a regular basis and if the applicable introductory period following initial employment has been satisfactorily completed. The percentage of tuition waiver is equal to the percentage of time an individual is employed relative to full-time employment (40 hours/week).

(example: an employee who works 30 hours per week will be eligible for a 75% waiver)
The tuition waiver is available for the next semester following completion of the introductory period.

A fifty percent (50%) waiver of tuition charges is available to adjunct faculty who teach at least six (6) credit hours in a fall or spring semester or at least four (4) credit hours in a summer semester. Upon completion of such a semester, tuition waiver is available for the next semester and any subsequent semester in which the adjunct faculty member continues to teach at the required level.


A tuition waiver is available for the spouse and unmarried dependent children of an eligible employee. The amount of tuition waiver shall be in accordance with provisions in Pr-550.2.1 and Pr-550.2.2.

Dependent children are eligible until attainment of age twenty-four (24). If the twenty-fourth (24th) birthday occurs within a semester, the dependent is eligible for the tuition waiver for that semester.


Tuition waiver is available for enrollment to audit a course.


For each semester of enrollment, a Tuition Waiver form must be completed and the appropriate approvals obtained before a tuition waiver will be processed. If an employee or dependent is eligible for and receiving a grant or scholarship, the grant may first be applied to the cost of required textbooks, then to the tuition charges. Any eligible remaining tuition balance will then be charged off as a Waiver. The approved Tuition Waiver form should be submitted at the time of registration each semester. Tuition waivers will not be processed and fees will not be adjusted if the Tuition Waiver form is submitted after the applicable payment deadline for the course(s).


The availability of tuition waivers is subject to available College resources as determined by the administration.


In the event of an eligible employee’s death, in accordance with the above procedures, the spouse and eligible dependent children will be allowed to receive the tuition waiver benefit for up to three (3) years after the date of death.


All employees may enroll in any of the non-credit or repeat credit Physical Education (fitness) classes free of charge. Employees who wish to repeat Physical Education (fitness) classes must enroll in these classes through the Continuing Education Department and indicate that they are an employee of the College at the time of enrollment. All first-time enrollments in Physical Education (fitness) classes must be handled through the Admissions Office.

The benefit of tuition waiver when taking repeat Physical Education (fitness) classes is restricted to employees only.


Enrollment in courses by staff and faculty must not interfere with an employee's job performance or conflict with an employee's work schedule unless an alternate work schedule is approved by the supervisor to permit attendance at the scheduled class time.


Grants or Scholarships – includes grants, scholarships, and other non-loan monetary awards, such as GI Bill and others, that do not require repayment.


Tuition charges – tuition charged for eligible classes taken or fees charged, in lieu of tuition, for the purpose of obtaining college credit for learning/life experience.

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