531.8 - Employee Absence Record

531.8 Employee Absence Record

P-531.8 The College requires all employees, who accrue paid time off, to fill out an Employee Absence Record when they are absent from work.
Pr-531.8.1 The Employee Absence Record is used to deduct paid time off, such as vacation, personal, and sick, from employees’ accruals. Employee Absence Record is also used to record paid time off due to bereavement, jury duty, military, and various unpaid leaves.
Pr-531.8.2 The Employee Absence Record must be completed as soon as the employee realizes that time off is needed, and in the case of an unexpected absence, as soon as the employee returns to work. Employee Absence Records are submitted to the Payroll Office during the pay period in which the absence is taken. Non-exempt employees must attach their absence record to the appropriate time sheet. If the employee is not at work when payroll information is due in to the Payroll Office, the supervisor will submit an absence record for the employee.
Pr-531.8.3 The Employee Absence record should list only one 2-week pay period per form (see payroll schedule for pay periods).
Pr-531.8.4 The Employee Absence Record should be distributed as indicated on the bottom of the form.
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