531.5 - Wage Garnishments

531.5 Wage Garnishments

P-531.5 The College will, as required by law, honor court-ordered garnishments which include but are not limited to child support, wage assignments, federal and state tax liens.
Pr-531.5.1 The Payroll Department will make the necessary deduction, required by the court-ordered garnishment, from each payroll check until the garnishment is satisfied or until the Payroll Department receives a release from the court that issued the garnishment.
Pr-531.5.2 The Payroll Department will make an effort to notify the employee in the event a garnishment is served; however, failure to notify the employee will not delay or stop the garnishment amount from being deducted.
Pr-531.5.3 The College acts in accordance with the federal statute regarding Consumer Credit Protection Act which places restrictions on the total amount that may be garnished from an employee’s paycheck.
Pr-531.5.4 The Payroll Department will deduct, from the first two (2) paychecks of each month, an administrative fee of $3.00 to help defray the costs to the College for processing the wage garnishment. These fees will only be taken when garnishments are active. On the two (2) months each year when employees receive three (3) paychecks, the fee will not be taken from that third (3rd) paycheck, although the garnishment will still be deducted. These fees are allowed under Rule 90.12(a) of the Missouri Supreme Court Rules/RSMo 525.230.
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