509 - Attendance

509 Attendance

P-509.0 The College requires that employees be prompt in reporting
for work and that regular attendance is maintained.
Pr-509.0.1 Employees must be present in their work area and be ready to begin work at the start of the assigned daily work hours. If the employee will be absent, the supervisor must be contacted as soon as the employee has knowledge that he or she will be missing work.
Pr-509.0.2 Reporting absences and tardiness to the supervisor must be done in advance of the start of the employee’s scheduled work day. In the event that the employee’s supervisor is unavailable and the employee is unable to personally speak with the supervisor, he or she must leave a voicemail for the supervisor and contact the designated alternate employee(s) as directed by the department’s procedure.
Pr-509.0.3 An employee must call in for himself or herself except in an extenuating circumstance making it impossible to do so. In the case of an extenuating circumstance, the employee may have someone else contact the supervisor.
Pr-509.0.4 If an employee is absent due to illness for three (3) or more consecutive days, or if there is a record of frequent absences, the supervisor may request that the employee submit a return to work slip from the doctor before returning to work.
Pr-509.0.5 Absence from work for three (3) consecutive days without proper notification to the employee’s supervisor will be considered a voluntary resignation.
Pr-509.0.6 Patterns of absences, failure to complete scheduled work days, and/or tardiness may be addressed by the supervisor utilizing the College’s Discipline policy.

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