505 - Employment of Relatives

505 Employment of Relatives


An employee or Board member of the College shall not directly or indirectly initiate, participate in, or influence College decisions involving a direct benefit to relatives including but not limited to matters of initial employment, promotion, compensation, leave of absence, performance evaluation, discipline, and separation of employment.

Consistent with all St. Charles Community College policies that uphold Equal Opportunity, fair employment practices, and ethical standards, relatives will be given equal, not preferential, consideration and treatment with regard to all employment matters.

An employee of the College must not supervise, be supervised by, coordinate the work of or have work coordinated by a relative who is also employed by the College.


Relative is defined as any individual related by blood, marriage, or legal custody to the 4th degree, and includes spouse, child, foster child, step child, parent, foster parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, great-great grandparent, grandchild, great-grandchild, great-great grandchild, step-parent, brother, sister, niece, great-niece, nephew, great-nephew, aunt, great-aunt, uncle, great-uncle, 1st cousin, and corresponding relatives of the employee’s spouse.

Provisions of this policy shall also apply to domestic partners and their relatives and any other individual living in an employee’s household including such individual’s relatives.


Before a relative of a member of management is offered a position within the same division, the Vice President must authorize this by signing the Employment/Change form. In the event that the potential employee is the relative of a Vice President, the Employment/Change form must be authorized and signed by the College President. In the event that the potential employee is a relative of the College President, the Employment/Change form must be authorized and signed by a member of the Board of Trustees.


Whenever a supervisory relationship exists between employees with relationships noted within this policy, employees with such relationships must notify their supervisor and the Human Resources department. Staff from the Human Resources Department will discuss the situation with the affected employees and the division Vice President and take appropriate steps to resolve the situation. If a resolution is not possible, one of the relatives will need to end employment with the College.


512.0 Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity, 534.1 Romantic or Sexual Relationships


An employee may inform a relative, just as all other interested individuals are informed, about St. Charles Community College job postings online. The interested relative, on his/her own, will go through the same employment process as all other applicants. In order to ensure equal and fair consideration, no other intervention steps on behalf or in support of a relative are permissible.

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