500 Human Resources (Faculty & Staff)

500: Terms of Employment

500.1: Reinstatement of Service Time

502.1: Employee Background Checks

502.2: Verification of Employment Eligibility

502.3: Verification of Employment

504: Employment Classifications

505: Employment of Relatives

506: Personnel Records and Administration

509: Attendance

510: Return of College Property

511: Dress Code and Personal Appearance

512: Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

512.1: Disability and Accommodation

515: Health Examinations

523: Emergency Response Plan

531.2: Mandatory Deductions from Paycheck

531.3: Direct Deposit of Payroll Check

531.4: Error In Pay

531.5: Wage Garnishments

531.8: Employee Absence Record

534: Prohibition of Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Violence
See Article IV.01 Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

534.1: Romantic or Sexual Relationships
Also see Article IV.02 Sexual Misconduct

540.7: Inclement Weather and Other Emergency Closings

540.8: Weapons (Concealed or Visible)

540.9: Reporting Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect

541: Video Surveillance

547: Drug Screening - Required at Designated Sites

550.1: Tuition Reimbursement for Courses Taken at Other Institutions

550.2: Tuition Waiver for Courses Taken at St. Charles Community College

550.3: C&CD Non-Credit Discount

550.4: Bookstore Discount

551: Eligibility for Insurance Benefits

553.1: Worker's Compensation

553.2: Unemployment Compensation

554: Retirement Plans

554.1: Tax Sheltered Annuities

556: Insurance Conversion Privileges

558.2: Family and Medical Leave

558.3: Personal Leave of Absence

558.4: Military Leave

570: College Holidays
See Article IV.07 College Holidays

570.3: Election Day Pay

570.4: Bereavement Time

570.5: Jury Duty Pay

575.1: Collective Bargaining

581: Drug-Free Workplace

581.1: Transportation Safety

581.2: Copyright Policy

581.4: Solicitations, Distributions, and Gifts

581.5: Grants, External Funding, and In-Kind Donations

581.6: Political Activity on Campus

581.7: Political Campaigns and Holding Political Office

581.8: Lobbying

582.1: Prohibition of Tobacco Use, Smoking, and Simulated Smoking

583: Release of Student Information

584: Use of Social Security Numbers

585: Whistleblower Protection
See Article IV.08 Whistleblower Protection

586: Document Retention and Destruction

587: Lost and found

591: Campus Assessment Response and Encouragement (CARE) Team
See Article VI.22 Coordinated Services to Support Campus Safety and Student Success 

592: Prohibition of Violence

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