485 - Whistleblower Protection

485 Whistleblower Protection

P-485 Internal practices and procedures are in place to promote responsible stewardship of College resources and funds. The College will respond to allegations of impropriety by investigating the allegations and protecting those individuals who have, in good faith, reported alleged illegal or improper activities.

Retaliation will not be tolerated against any College employee or student who in good faith makes a protected disclosure or who refuses to obey an illegal or improper directive. No College employee may use the influence of his or her position to interfere with or discourage another employee or student from making a protected disclosure.
Pr-485.1 Any employee or student having knowledge or good faith suspicion of illegal or improper activities may make a report.
Pr-485.2 A report may be made to any Administrative Officer.

President 636-922-8380
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management 636-922-8356
Vice President for Administrative Services 636-922-8359
Vice President for Human Resources 636-922-8300
Vice President for Marketing and Student Life 636-922-8277
A report may also be made to the President of the Board of Trustees in situations where there is suspected administrative involvement in the alleged impropriety.
Pr-485.3 It is preferred that allegations of illegal or improper activity be made in writing, but they may be made verbally. Reports should contain as many specifics as possible to assist in investigation of the actions. Allegations may be made anonymously.
Pr-485.4 The Administrative Officer receiving the report of illegal or improper activity must disclose the report to the Board of Trustees.
Pr-485.5 Any employee or student who believes he or she has been the victim of retaliatory conduct in response to a protected disclosure or refusal to engage in illegal or improper activity should report the retaliation to any Administrative Officer. In the event there is suspected administrative involvement in the retaliation, a report may be made to the President of the Board of Trustees.
Pr-485.6 All complaints will be investigated promptly and discreetly, and corrective action will be taken as necessary.
Pr-485.7 In addition to internal reporting procedures as outlined above, any employee or student who has information concerning alleged illegal or improper activity may make a good faith report of the conduct to the appropriate government agency. This report will also be considered a protected disclosure shielded from retaliation.
Pr-485.8 While retaliation against an employee or student making a good faith disclosure is not tolerated, disciplinary action may be taken against an employee or student who discloses information which he or she knows to be false or who does not have a reasonable belief for making the disclosure.
D-485.1 A good faith report of illegal or improper activity as outlined in the procedures above is defined as a “protected disclosure.”
D-485.2 A “good faith” report of illegal or improper activity is information that a reasonable person, based on the facts and circumstances, could believe to be true and accurate.
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