481.4 Solicitations, Distributions, and Gifts

481.4 Solicitations, Distributions, and Gifts

P-481.4 Solicitation for any cause during working time and in work areas is not permitted by employees. With the exception of engaging in approved college-related fundraising activities, students may not engage in solicitation.
Pr-481.4.1 With supervisory approval, employees may, on occasion, display in department break rooms, their brochures for charitable fundraising items. Employees may not approach others in order to solicit purchases or donations. Employees may not distribute literature during work hours without approval of the College President or designee.
Pr-481.4.2 Advance approval by the President or designee is required before an employee may accept or solicit a gift (see D – 581.4.2) of any kind from a supplier or vendor representative. Business decisions made by the College will not be influenced by the presence or absence of gifts. Employees are not permitted to give gifts to vendors or suppliers without approval of the President or designee. Gifts of cash will not be given or received at any time with the exception of community donations properly received by the College Foundation.
Pr-481.4.3 The Director of Purchasing, any member of the Purchasing Department, or any delegated procurement authority will not receive or accept, directly or indirectly, any rebate or gift from any person, firm, or corporation who may bid or receive a contract to furnish supplies to the College.
D-481.4.1 Working time is defined as the time assigned for the performance of your job and does not apply to unpaid meal period.
D-481.4.2 A gift is defined as any item with a cash value exceeding $25.00 and a combination of gifts from one source over the course of a one-year period which totals more than $25.00. Promotional items of inconsequential value, such as logo pens, cups, hats, and shirts are not considered gifts subject to this policy.

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