445 - Inclemenet Weather and Emergency Closins

445 Inclemenet Weather and Emergency Closins

P-445.1 In the event of severe weather conditions or other emergencies, the President may cancel classes and close the campus for a partial or full day.
Pr-445.1.1 In the event of inclement weather, the College will update the College's Web site and main number 636-922-8000, send a text message through the Emergency Alert System, and contact selected radio and television stations, when the timing of conditions allow, by 5:00 a.m. for day classes and no later than 4:00 p.m. for evening classes (if bad weather develops during the day). The College will typically update the College Web site and main number prior to contacting the selected radio and television stations. It is recommended to use the College’s website or main number in order to receive information in a more timely manner.
Pr-445.1.2 Announcements will be made on KMOX Radio (1120 AM), KWRE Radio (730 AM), KFAV Radio (99.9 FM), KSDK TV (Channel 5), KMOV TV (Channel 4), and KTVI TV (Channel 2).
Pr-445.1.3 The standard early-morning announcements that are made regarding classes are:
  1. College Closed - This means no classes will be held that day and evening.
  2. Snow Schedule - This means that classes for that day do not begin until the announced time and will continue through the remainder of the day and evening.
Pr-445.1.4 In the case of evening classes held at middle schools and high schools in the area, the SCC classes will not meet if the schools themselves have announced they are closed.
Pr-445-1.5 Other emergency announcements will be made through the above local media sources.

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