433 - Scholarships

433 Scholarships

P-433.1 Trustee Scholarships: The Board of Trustees Scholarship Program is designed to attract students to the College who have demonstrated a high level of academic ability or have other special talents.
P-433.2 The Trustee Scholarships are renewable for up to three (3) additional semesters based upon established criteria.
P-433.3 All Trustee Scholarships cover the cost of in-district tuition and standard fees. Special fees, such as private music lessons; nursing, OTA, and Health Information for malpractice insurance; RN certification course and clinical; LPN assessment testing; nursing assessment testing; scuba course; and telecourse fees, are not included. Any additional tuition (for example, if the student lives out of the district) would be paid by the recipient.
P-433.4 Senior Citizen Scholarships: Any Missouri resident 65 years of age or older on or before August 1 of an academic year may enroll tuition free in credit courses at the College based on available class space after tuition-paying students have enrolled. The scholarship does not cover special fees, books, or materials. The student will be required to present proof of age at the time of registration. All courses may be taken on a credit or audit basis and all course prerequisites must be met prior to registration.
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