400 Student Body & Education Programs

401: Accreditation

402: Admissions

403: Corporate and Community Development

404: Articulation Agreement
Removed 03/01

405: Athletics

405.3: Prevention and Control of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Concussion in Sports

406: Campus Security

407: College Calendar
Retired 02/2021

408: College Level Examination Program Credit (CLEP) & Proficiency Examination Program (PEP)
Removed 03/01

409: Communicable Diseases and Blood Borne Pathogens
See Article V.41 Emergency Response

410: Student Conduct, Discipline and Due Process

411: Program Discontinuance Due to Low Enrollment
See Article III.05 Program Discontinuance: Policy

412: Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity
See Article I.02 Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

412.1: Disability and Accommodation
See Article I.01 Disability and Accommodation

413: Academic Student Dismissal
Removed and Incorporated with P-429: 03/2001

414: Drug-Free Environment for Students
See Article I.06 Drug-Free Environment

415: Evaluation and Planning Reports
Removed and Rewritten as P-122: 03/2001 

416: Classroom and Laboratory Safety

417: Tuition, Fees, and Refunds for Credit Classes
See Article VI.02 Tuition, Fees, and Refunds for Credit Classes

418: Field Trips
See Article III.06 Institutionally Sanctioned Field Trips

419: Financial Aid [removed 03/01]

420: Graduation Requirements and Honors
See Article III.02 Graduation Requirements and Academic Honors

421: Learning Resources

422: International Student Admissions
See Article VI.30 International Student Services

423: Medical Examination

424: Military Duty

425: College Mission
Removed/Placed in Introduction: 01/2001

426: College Vision
Removed/Placed in Introduction: 01/2001 

427: College Values
Removed/Placed in Introduction: 01/2001

428: College Philosophy
Removed/Placed in Introduction: 01/2001 

429: Satisfactory Academic Progress (Warning, Probation, Suspension, Dismissal, Reinstatement)

430: Public Performances
Removed: 02/2001

432: Residency Status

433: Scholarships

434: Prohibition of Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Violence
See Article I.02 Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

434.1: Romantic or Sexual Relationships
Also see Article I.07 Sexual Harassment

435: Student Organizations

436: Student Government Association

437: Summer Sessions
Removed: 02/2001

438: Suspension
Combined with P-429

439: Withdrawal

440: Public Announcements

441: Video Surveillance

442: Credit Hour Standard
See Article III.01 Credit Hour Standard

443: Fundraising for Student Clubs, Organizations, and Athletic Teams

444: Insurance Information for Students

445: Inclement Weather and Emergency Closings

446: Weapons (Concealed or Visible)

447: Drug Screening - Required for Designated Sites

447.1: Background Investigation - Required for Designated Sites

481.2: Copyright
See Article I.10 Copyright

481.4: Solicitations, Distributions, and Gifts

482.1: Prohibition of Tobacco Use, Smoking and Simulated Smoking

483: Release of Student Information
See Article I.14 Release of Student Information

484: Use of Social Security Numbers
See Article I.13 Use of Social Security Numbers

485: Whistleblower Protection
See Article I.12 Whistleblower Protection

487: Lost and Found

491: Campus Assessment Response and Encouragement (CARE) Team
See Article VI.22 Coordinated Services to Support Campus Safety and Student Success

492: Prohibition of Violence

493: Student Name Change

494: Electronic Consent

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