305 Motor Vehicle Regulations

305 Motor Vehicle Regulations

P-305.1 The responsible operation of private motorized vehicles is permitted only on College roads and parking lots. Operators of such vehicles are expected to abide by the procedures and guidelines stated within this policy.

A fine for a parking violation is $10, except in the case of a disabled parking violation, which is $50. A citation for a moving violation, including improper or reckless driving, is $20; depending on the severity and the frequency of the offense(s), the violator may be subject to disciplinary and legal action.

Failure to properly display the parking hang tag or window sticker on the registered vehicle is a violation and may result in a $5 citation.

Within 10 school days, citations must be cleared with the Cashier’s office. A check or money order payable to St. Charles Community College may be sent with a copy of the citation to the Cashier’s office, 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, Cottleville, MO 63376-2865.
Pr-305.1 A student must clear unpaid citations by the end of the semester or grades will be withheld and the student will not be allowed to enroll in any ensuing term.
Pr-305.2 Parking
Responsibility for locating a legal parking space rests with the operator of the motor vehicle. Improperly parked vehicles are subject to citation or tow.

A vehicle parked in a space reserved for other purposes, or any space not designated for College parking, may be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense.

Disabled Parking
Students, faculty and staff with physical disabilities may apply for temporary or permanently disabled status through the Missouri Department of Revenue License Bureau. Only state-issued disabled hang tags and license plates will be recognized.

The operator of the motor vehicle is responsible for observing any markings or designations on any parking spaces. Parking is not allowed in driving lanes or streets. Driving lanes must be kept clear for emergency vehicles. All cars parked in driving lanes will be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense. Curb-side parking is prohibited unless the curb forms part of a “lined” parking space.
Pr-305.3 Designated Areas
Colored lines on pavement designate the proper parking areas for the following:
Blue Lines: Disabled Parking Only
Crossed White Lines: Official/College Vehicles
Red Lines: Emergency Vehicles
Pr-305.4 Vehicle Registration
A student who operates a motor vehicle on campus is required to register the vehicle. A vehicle registration form should be completed after payment of tuition and fees. A hang tag will be issued, which should be displayed from the inside rear view mirror or on the dashboard, with the numbered and colored side in view from outside of the vehicle. Hang tag colors are chosen each year and there is no significance to the color.

All employees are required to register any motor vehicle that will be driven on campus. A vehicle parking window sticker will be issued and must be properly displayed when you are parked on campus. Employee stickers should be displayed on the back window on the driver’s side, or on the passenger’s side of the front windshield in a convertible. Window stickers are available from the Department of Public Safety in the Campus Services Building.
Pr-305.5 Speed Limits and Signs
All drivers must strictly observe the posted speed rules and stop signs. The speed limits on the College property will be limited to 20 miles per hour on College roadways and 15 miles per hour on all driveways and parking lots. Violation of the posted speed limits will result in a citation for a moving violation.
Pr-305.6 Towing
A vehicle parked and left unattended in a location that impedes traffic or disabled access, that appears to have been abandoned or that is illegally parked will be towed at the owner’s expense. If a vehicle is inoperable, the campus Department of Public Safety should be contacted to prevent ticketing or towing.
Pr-305.7 Operation and Compliance
Operation of any vehicle on paths, sidewalks, planted areas or in pedestrian areas is prohibited. Drivers must exercise the highest degree of care on roadways, driveways or parking lots on College property.

Drivers must obey the instructions of official traffic and parking control signs or devices. Drivers must comply with all lawful orders or directions of a police officer, College public safety officer, fire department official or other emergency or law enforcement officials.
S-305.1 The College does not assume responsibility for any motor vehicle (or its contents) parked on College property.
S-305.2 For motorist assistance on parking lots and driveways of the campus, contact the Department of Public Safety at 636-922-8545.

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Issued: 08/1993
Revised: 07/2010

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