217.1 Cellular and Other Wireless Mobile Communication Devices and Services

217.1 Cellular and Other Wireless Mobile Communication Devices and Services

P-217.1 The College may fund cellular service used for conducting college business by the following methods:
  1. The President may approve college-purchased devices and services for departmentally-shared employee use.
  2. When cellular service usage is minor and infrequent, reimbursement will be made to employees for the actual expense incurred for business calls when using their own personal service or device.
D-217.1 Cellular service or equipment includes cellular telephones, data cards, personal digital assistants (PDAs), or other telecommunication devices that have voice, text, internet, or data capabilities, and may or may not involve a service contract.
Pr-217.8 Department-Shared Devices for the Department of Public Safety and Certain Continuing Education Programs The Department of Public Safety and certain Continuing Education Programs are authorized to use College-provided cellular devices and services that are shared by personnel during their work hours. The College will maintain a record of each call. The department will establish a sign-in/sign-out log for department-assigned phones. The department supervisor will review and compare the call logs to the actual invoice for compliance. Personal calls using College-provided devices are strictly prohibited.
Pr-217.9 Employee-Provided Phone/Service With Reimbursement for Business Use
Employees may request reimbursement for the actual extra expenses of business calls and text/data messages made using their own cellular equipment with the provision that reimbursement for per-minute "air time" charges and text/data messages is limited to the total overage charge shown on the invoice (i.e., expenses for minutes/text/data included in the plan will not be reimbursed).Reimbursement should be requested via the Local Travel/Mileage/Expense Reimbursement form. A copy of the invoice must be attached to the form, with the separate business-use charges clearly highlighted and submitted to the Financial Services department. Prepaid service plans are eligible for reimbursement when itemized call data is provided.
Pr-217.10 Use of Devices While Operating a Motor Vehicle
Employees are obligated to follow relevant state laws when utilizing the device while operating a motor vehicle. Cell phone use when driving is discouraged except in an emergency situation. To dial, or otherwise initiate a call, or to respond to a call, the driver should leave the road and safely park the vehicle. The College is not liable for any fines resulting from violation of state laws regarding cell phone use, or claims from a motor vehicle accident, which have been determined to be caused by violating such laws.

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