214 Payment of Bills

214 Payment of Bills

P-214.1 Bills will be reviewed for payment on a weekly basis by Administrative Services and approved for payment according to the purchasing authorization guidelines in Board Policy 204. The Board of Trustees will approve the payment of bills at regular meetings from a voucher list prepared by Administrative Services.
P-214.2 All checks drawn on College funds require the signature of an administrative officer. The signature of the College President or a member of the Board of Trustees is required on checks of $15,000 or more, except for checks related to payroll withholdings which are excluded from the second signature requirement.
Pr-214.2.1 All College funds (receipts and disbursements) will be channeled through Administrative Services so they may be properly recorded and accounted.

Content Owner: Human Resources
Issued: 08/1993
Revised: 06/2000, 02/2001, 02/2009, 02/2011

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