121.1 - Naming Buildings

122 Naming Buildings

P-122.1 St. Charles Community College welcomes and encourages the recognition of philanthropy that supports student success and strengthens the College. With Board of Trustees approval, facilities, spaces, buildings, or other College property may be named for an individual, corporation, organization, or entity whose accomplishments or generosity supports the academic mission, growth, and reputation of the College.
Pr–122.1 Qualifications – The following situations may qualify for naming designation:
  1. A contribution of time or talent that has had a significant positive impact on the institution over an extended period of time. The Board of Trustees initiates and approves this honor.
  2. New construction – a significant monetary contribution based on the actual construction costs.
  3. Existing building or facility – a major portion of the replacement or major renovation cost, or project/campaign fundraising goal.
  4. Other property – Specified amounts for these naming opportunities will be reviewed periodically by the Board of Trustees. Other property may include, but is not limited to, pavers, benches, planters, fountains, gardens, trees, equipment, musical instruments, artwork, and outdoor plazas.
Pr–122.2 Duration of Name Designation
  1. When a gift from an individual or family is involved, the designated name will last the lifetime of the facility, subject to Pr-122.2. E of this policy.
  2. When a gift from a corporation is involved, the corporation will be given the naming designation for a period of time as agreed to by the College and the donor (most often for a period of 25 years, or until the building or facility is demolished or significantly renovated, whichever occurs sooner).
  3. If a corporation's name changes and the corporation requests to so change the name of the facility, approval of the College’s Board of Trustees is required. The cost of the change will be the responsibility of the corporation.
  4. In a situation where a corporation ceases to exist, the naming may be reconsidered by the College’s Board of Trustees.
  5. If any legal impropriety or other act on the part of the donor (individual, family, or corporation) brings dishonor, the naming may be reconsidered by the College’s Board of Trustees.
  6. In accordance with the above, the Board of Trustees may remove or change a name designation.
Pr–122.3 Authority and Approvals
  1. Prior to approval, the College’s Board of Trustees will require reasonable assurance that:

    • the proposed name will bring additional honor and distinction to the College, and
    • any philanthropic commitments connected to the naming have been pledged in writing as irrevocable or fully realized.
  2. The College President, in collaboration with College staff, donor, and SCC Foundation, will:

    • determine content, timing, location, and frequency of any public announcements associated with a gift or honor; and
    • approve the color, design, and size of any physical marker that provides information about the donor and the nature of the gift or honor.
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