111 - Duties of the Officers of the Board of Trustees

111 Duties of the Officers of the Board of Trustees


President - The duties of the President shall be:

  1. To preside at all meetings of the Board of Trustees.
  2. To appoint or provide for the election of all committees.
  3. To call special Board meetings as required.
  4. To perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law for action of the Board of Trustees.
  5. To sign checks and conduct financial transactions in the absence of the Treasurer.
  6. To award degrees and certificates at commencement.
  7. To represent the Board of Trustees at public functions

Vice President - The duties of the Vice President shall be:

  1. In the case of the resignation, absence or other disability of the President, to perform all of the duties of the President.
  2. To perform such other and further duties as shall, from time to time, be assigned to him/her by the President of the Board of Trustees.

Secretary - The duties of the Secretary shall be:

  1. To be the official custodian of the records of the district and perform all duties required by the Board of Trustees and all duties hereinfore or hereinafter provided in these rules.
  2. To record or cause to be recorded in a book provided for that purpose, the proceedings of the Board and to index the same.
  3. To attest all public acts of the district, affix thereto when necessary, the seal of St. Charles Community College, and prepare and serve or cause to be prepared and served on the members due time notices of all regular and special meetings of the Board.
  4. To be the custodian of the official seal of the district and of the official bond of the Treasurer which shall be recorded in the records of the district.

Treasurer - The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

  1. To keep or cause to be kept, complete records of the financial transactions for the district, to sign all checks and to report, from time to time, concerning the financial status of the district.
  2. Such other duties as are imposed on the Treasurer under the laws of Missouri.
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