110 - Officers of the Board of Trustees

110 Officers of the Board of Trustees

P-110.1 Officers - The officers of the Board of Trustees shall be a President and a Vice President who shall be members of the Board, and a Secretary and a Treasurer who may, but need not, be members of the Board.
P-110.2 Election of - Officers will be elected at the first meeting of the Board in April following elections in each even numbered year. Each officer of the Board will be elected for a term of two years, will assume office immediately upon election, and will hold office until his/her successor is elected. In the case of a vacancy in any office, such vacancy shall be filled as soon as practicable by electing a successor to the unexpired term of office.

The election of all officers may be by secret ballot and will be held at a regular meeting or a special meeting of the Board held for that purpose. Only trustees elected as prescribed by state statute will be eligible to vote.

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