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Spring Fling/Fall Fun Blitz: September 2010 and April 2011
Hosted a booth featuring “Pop-A-Shot” game and giving out “Get in the Game” basketballs and Tootsie Roll pops with NCA facts attached.

All College Day Activity: September 2010
10-Year Accreditation Pyramid

Faculty and staff stood in as contestants and celebrities as they played the final round of "10-Year Accreditation Pyramid." Contestants were given several items in a category by the celebrity and the contestant tried to guess what each item had in common. The clues and categories built a foundation of information focused on the college Mission, Vision, Values and the importance of the Self-Study and re-accreditation process. The show was very well-received and the committee received positive feedback for weeks following the event.

Christmas Tree Contest: December 2010
Leftover “Get in the Game” cardboard pyramids were used to created a Christmas “tree” that was displayed at the Holiday Social in Dec. 2010 for staff and faculty to guess how many pyramids were used to build the tree.

Staff vs. Faculty Softball Game: April 18, 2011
Staff beat the Faculty team in a 7-inning game, 17-15.  About 40 players took part and more than 60 people watched the game.  HLC/NCA facts were placed on each free treat given to spectators and players. Players’ jersey numbers had special significance to accreditation and the college mission/vision/values and the team roster provided the details.  Yard signs were placed near the backstop to remind players why were playing … to come together to “Get in the Game” and Rally the Team for November 2011.  There was a great response to the game; team coaches asked to have a fall rematch (the responsibility will move out of HLC/NCA efforts and may become part of All-College Day).

Faculty team:

Faculty softball team 

Faculty softball team roster

Staff team:

Staff softball team 

 Staff softball team roster

All College Day Activity: Sept. 6, 2011
Accreditation Family Feud

Two teams (5 members each), one faculty team and one staff team, faced off in five rounds of categories and one speed round related to SCC and how the campus should prepare for the November team visit. 

Scary Movie Marathon: Oct. 24-28, 2011
During Scary Movie Marathon the week of Oct. 24 (800 duplicated students at movies M-F) the committee will show a brief, clever video reminding students about the value of re-accreditation.  Also, candy and tip sheets will be passed out to the audience including potential questions the team may ask students.

Student Senate and Student Clubs Meeting: Nov. 1, 2011
Barbara Keim will attend to educate student leaders about the visit (similar to department presentations).

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The HLC/NCA Self-Study Communications Committee has used the following methods to promote awareness to faculty, staff and students about the Self-Study process, the planned HLC/NCA accreditation team visit and the importance of both in the process of earning re-accreditation.