Communication – Faculty and Staff Email Campaign

Faculty/Staff E-Mail Campaign

Oct. 13 – Nov. 2, 2011
Sent out an all-campus email once a week promoting the HLC/NCA visit with trivia or word games. The winner received a 25th anniversary T-shirt, courtesy of the 25th Anniversary Task Force.

10/13/11: Trivia Thursday email sent to all faculty/staff
In honor of SCC’s 25th Anniversary Trivia Night tomorrow night (, the HLC/NCA Self-Study Communications Committee is proud to present...


So what is Trivia Thursday, you ask? It’s a chance for you to win 25th anniversary T-shirts from the SCC Bookstore! (See photo attached... Offered in three different colors, maroon, red and charcoal gray!)

It’s also a chance to brush up on your SCC knowledge before the HLC/NCA visit Nov. 7-9, which is less than a month away!

So over the next four weeks you will have four chances to win T-shirts, which will include two Trivia Thursdays and two Word Puzzle Wednesdays! So stay tuned to your in-boxes, next week will feature Word Puzzle Wednesday!

Here’s your trivia, and the first person to respond to this email with all the correct answers will win! (Hint: You can find all of these answers at

  1. When was the deadline for the public to submit comments about SCC for the HLC/NCA evaluation?
  2. How many chapters are in the 2011 Self-Study report?
  3. Name three people on the Criterion 4: Acquisition, Discovery and Application of Knowledge Self-Study subcommittee.
  4. On page 3 of chapter 3 of the Self-Study report, what is listed as Core Component 3a?

Good luck, and may the best man or woman win!

Received 14 responses.

10/19/11: Word Puzzle Wednesday email sent to all faculty/staff
As promised, it’s time for...


Which means you have another chance to win a 25th anniversary T-shirt from the SCC Bookstore, courtesy of the NCA Self-Study Communications Committee!

Don’t forget, the HLC/NCA visit is less than three weeks away! Are you ready?

If not, here’s a word jumble to help you study up! Open the attached PDF (you might want to print it out to make it easier), and the first person to email me with the correct answer wins! You don’t have to send me each unscrambled word, all I need is the final answer!

Good luck!
NCA Self-Study Communications Committee

Received 45 responses.

10/26/11: Word Puzzle sent to employees without access to email
In an effort to include all employees in the education process for the upcoming HLC team visit, we are initiating a special edition of the Word Puzzle Wednesday and Trivia Thursdays for those employees who do not have consistent access to email.  

As a supervisor of these employees, we ask you to print out copies of the attached game and distribute them to just the employees without email access.  The game will have instructions on how to play, the deadline for submitting a completed entry and how the raffle will work.  The prize?  An SCC T-shirt!

Thanks for helping us communicate the value of the self-study process and information about the upcoming HLC visit while having a little fun.


 HLC/NCA Word Jumble

Upcoming: 10/27/11: Trivia Thursday email, 11/2/11: Word Puzzle Wednesday email

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