Terri Ingracia, 2008 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient

Terri IngraciaAfter earning her nursing degree at SCC in 1995, Terri Ingracia became a charge nurse, and worked three years at the Jewish Center for the Aged. She served in various nurse manager positions before being named director of nurses at St. Peters Manor in 1999. Ingracia also sits on the Board of the Missouri Director of Nurses Association, where she has been instrumental in increasing its membership.

Connie Verdone, nursing home administrator at St. Peters Manor, said Ingracia is a dedicated employee who truly cares for her patients.

“I have seen Terri take the time to mentor a marginal employee into an exceptional employee, explain medical conditions to family members when tough decisions were required, hold the hand of a dying resident, insist that quality care be provided, and lead and develop her staff,” Verdone said.

Ingracia also devotes time to education in her role as director of nursing. St. Peters Manor provides mentorship programs for SCC nursing students who are about to graduate and offers clinical experiences for new nursing students. Mary Stassi, SCC health occupations coordinator, said Ingracia plays a pivotal role in the success of this program.

“Terri has been an exceptional role model for not only the nursing staff at her facility, but for the students who are placed at St. Peters Manor as part of their nursing clinical experience,” Stassi said. “Her commitment to education as well as excellence in nursing is commendable.”

Ingracia received the 2008 Distinguished Alumni Award from Michael Lissner, treasurer of the SCC Foundation. The Foundation initiated the award in 2006 and solicited nominations from the community.