Achieving Success in College Math

Placing in College-Level Math

To place in a college-level math course, you have three options:

1. ACT Score

Every college sets a minimum subscore of the ACT math portion, which would automatically qualify you to enter a college-level math course. At SCC, that minimum score is 23.

Just in case you’re curious …

At SCC, an ACT math score lower than 21 will likely place you into one of two developmental math courses. An ACT math score of 21 or 22 indicates a likely probability that you will place into Intermediate Algebra (MAT-121), which counts as an elective but does not satisfy the math requirement for graduation.

Check out these ACT practice resources.

2. Transfer Math Score

Some high schools offer advanced math classes that students can take for college credit. For SCC, if a “C” or better is earned in such a transfer course, the student would place in a college-level course. Talk with your teacher or guidance counselor on what options your school offers.

3. College Placement/Assessment Exam Score

If minimum ACT math subscores or grades within transfer math classes are not met, colleges require students to take a placement/assessment test. Results from this test correspond to your current math skill and will determine whether or not you are prepared for a college-level math course. Typically there is not a charge to take these placement/assessment exams.

If you have to take a placement/assessment exam, you are not alone. Many high school graduates do. But, be smart and practice.

Math is a skill that, if not used, can easily be forgotten. Spending a couple hours now to practice your skills could save you hundreds of hours and dollars later.

Check out these math placement/assessment practice resources.

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