Academic Enhancements

Academic enhancements are vital to SCC's ability to continue providing a low-cost, high-quality college opportunity to students. Some projects are funded through proceeds raised at events like Rhythm & Ribs and the Golf Scramble. Others are funded by individuals and corporations who have a passion for a specific field or career path.

Through this generosity, numerous departments on campus receive the resources they need to provide a high-quality learning environment that strengthens a student's ability to earn a degree. Below are just a handful of examples organized by college department:

  • Arts, Humanities and Social Science
  • Business, Science, Education, Math and Computer Science
  • Corporate & Community Development
  • Learning Resources and Academic Support
  • Enrollment Services
  • Student Success

For more information about these projects, other projects, or how to specialize a gift, contact the Foundation Department at 636-922-8473.

Division of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences: Karen Jones, dean

Equipment for the SCC Audio Classes

New recording and editing equipment for SCC audio classes will replace failing equipment, allowing audio production students access to newer techniques.

Naturalization Ceremony

SCC students will organize and host a naturalization ceremony as part of a service-learning project in a government course. They will practiced management and leadership skills, learn the intimate details of the passage to citizenship, and expose those in attendance to an event and people that they might otherwise never experience.

SCC Visual Artist Guest Series

This series brings artists to campus for students to learn from someone in the profession. Students will have the opportunity to meet the artist and discuss his artwork and career field.

Showing of Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1

Approximately 10% of the U.S. population holds veteran status, but they comprise nearly 1 in 5 suicides. As a military friendly school, this viewing will raise awareness of the obstacles facing veterans.

Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training

The training program will better equip faculty and staff to provide support services to students dealing with depression or other mental health issues. By addressing these issues, the student will have a better chance of being successful.

Division of Business, Science, Education, Math & Computer Science: Dr. John Bookstaver, dean

American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) Conference

Joyce Lindstrom will present her experience of the benefits and pitfalls of a flipped classroom at the annual conference. She will also attend presentations on teaching developmental math, which will be shared with colleagues in the Developmental Math Department.

Area High School Math Tournament

The math tournament will bring potential students on campus to compete for awards, recognition and the opportunity to advance to the state level.

Document Camera for Dev Math Classroom

The document camera will allow instructors to create high-tech presentations. They will be able to maintain eye-contact with the class while using the equipment, engaging students in the lecture and discussion.

Giant-Size Molecular Model Kit

A molecular model kit will provide students with a three-dimensional structure to apply their understanding of concepts such as molecular geometry, stereochemistry, conformational changes and the polarity of molecules. The large size of the model will allow professors to use the kit for classroom demonstrations.

Introduction to Chemistry Lab Balances

The additional balances will decrease the wait-time chemistry lab students currently are experiencing. Students will begin their data-analysis while in the lab with their instructors. Their figures will be more accurate and precise.

Phi Beta Lambda Leadership Conferences & Competitions

Members of Phi Beta Lambda, the largest collegiate-level business student organization in the United States, will attend and compete at conferences and competitions. They will experience educational, professional and cultural opportunities that will motivate them towards future academic and career success.

Vernier LabQuest System

The purchase of the lab interface module will allow for realistic lab experiments. It allows four labs to run simultaneously.

Visible Spectrophotometer for the Chemistry Lab

New spectrophotometers will replace aging equipment, allowing chemistry students more access to a very common technique in chemistry and biology.

Division of Corporate & Community Development: Amanda Sizemore, dean

Basic Welding Program

The purchase of additional helmets will allow three classes in the American Welding Society Basic Welding program at SCC to run simultaneously. Students will experience faster program availability and, after successfully completing the program, will be ready to enter the workforce.

Lego Robotic Engineering Kits

The EV3 Lego Robotics Engineering Kits will be offered as part of the College for All Kids program. Students will enjoy using science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts while learning the newest technology and capabilities of Lego Robotics kits. Discovery and exploration of STEM principles potentially leads to interest and further education and future employment in the field.

Young People's Theater – Microphones

New microphones for Young People’s Theater (YPT) will allow the cast the ability to produce a high-quality performance. YPT directors will instruct SCC students on how to handle, test and use microphones and sound equipment.

Division of Learning Resources & Academic Support: Dr. Stephanie Tolson, dean

Anatomical Models to Support Learning for Anatomy and Physiology Students

Additional anatomical models will give students the opportunity to review the structures to ensure comprehension of classroom material.

Enrollment Services: Kathy Brockgreitens-Gober, dean

iPads in Recruitment

Recruiting efforts will be enhanced with the ability to display images of campus life as well as offering virtual campus tours to create positive first impressions. Recruiters will also have access to the SCC course schedule, prospective student database and SCC email.

Student Success: Beth Finders, dean

Additional Assistive Technology for Accessibility Services

Additional software and hardware devices such as LiveScribe pens and screen readers will allow SCC to better accommodate students with disabilities.

Panache That Pay Etiquette Luncheon 2015

The luncheon will teach students soft skills necessary when entering the workforce. Topics addressed include introductions, meal etiquette, proper attire and profession behavior in a meal setting. The funding will help cover the expense of a four-course meal, keeping ticket prices affordable to students.

Resilience Training Component/COL 101

SCC’s Introduction to College course, College 101, will incorporate a program to teach college students the resiliency to tackle roadblocks that occur when enrolled in college. Students will be trained with skills that will allow them to cope in a healthier way, improving productivity and success as a student.