Paige Kalinowski

Foundation & Alumni

"I have a desire to help people and make a difference in their lives." – Paige Kalinowski

Foundation & Alumni

At SCC, the vision of the Foundation is to transform lives and strengthen communities through the power of education. Find out how you can help support the Foundation’s vision by clicking on Supporting SCC.

The SCC Foundation enhances learning environments for thousands of students each year through scholarship awards, academic enhancements and community outreach programs. Click on Foundation Scholarships to find a list of scholarships available for students.

To learn more about SCC scholarship recipients, take a look at Testimonials. Thanks to the SCC Foundation and its supporters, these students have been able to move forward with their education and career goals.

You can also Donate Today with one easy click to make a donation with your credit or debit card.

Find a list of SCC’s current supporters in the Snapshot newsletter, located on the Our Supporters page. A large donor wall on campus in the lobby of the Administration Building also provides a glimpse of SCC supporters.

Whether you are one of the 90,000+ people who have taken at least one credit hour at SCC, or if you’re grateful that SCC remains an affordable option for family, friends and neighbors, then check out the Friends & Alumni page for information about what’s happening on campus and around the community.

There isn’t just one way to donate to SCC. The Foundation offers several options, which can be found in Ways to Give. Visit Events and Volunteering for even more ways to give back to SCC, whether it’s attending an event or becoming a volunteer.

Read about the most recent Distinguished Alumni Award recipient. The award recognizes former SCC students who have become leaders in their professions and given back to the community.

Last, but not least, under Board and Staff you will find information about the people who work behind the scenes in the SCC Foundation.

No matter how you decide to support SCC, this is the right place to explore all the options.