Foundation Board Meeting Minutes (Draft)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Attended: Chair Paul Ince, Jim Borchers, Pam Cilek, Joe Cook, Jan Dunham, Cindy Elking, Kelly Felber, Dianne Garrison, Tom Hebson, Richard Jensen, Don Kalicak, John Laurent, Scott Liebel, Mike Lissner, Brenda Lowder, Justin Miller, Pete Novak, Jeanne Paxton, Seth Peimann, Chuck Pilliod, Sarah Roberts, Patti Silvey, Larry Tracy Staff: Tara Cochran, Kasey McKee, Peggy Schnardthorst, Betsy Schneider, and Sharon Schreiber Guest:  Cassie Hagan

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 a.m. by Paul Ince. A motion to approve the August 20, 2014, meeting minutes was made by Chuck Pilliod, seconded by Joe Cook, and unanimously approved by the board. 

Welcome and Announcements:

  • The Storybook Walk ribbon cutting was held on October 1. Many SCC employees and children from the Child Development Center attended. Special thanks goes out to Dianne Garrison who was instrumental in bringing this concept to our campus. 

  • Our friends at the Rotary Club of St. Charles, who provide scholarships to SCC students each year, are preparing to host their annual Taste of St. Charles event on Thursday, November 20, at the St. Charles Convention Center. If you are interested in participating, they are currently looking for restaurant and sponsors. Proceeds benefit local charities.

  • The Legacy Society Lunch is scheduled for October 29. This is an annual event for those individuals who have named the Foundation as beneficiaries of their wills, estate plans, and life insurance. 

  • The Foundation Board Planning Workshop is scheduled for Friday, February 27, from noon to 4:30 p.m. More details will come closer to date.

Annual Development and Plan Updates

  • Betsy gave a presentation on the progress being made on the Major Giving Campaign. The group discussed the proposal and membership benefits and made a few suggestions: many liked the idea of pinpointing specific projects when asking for money from donors; others liked having the option of having something tangible that people can see where their money went towards; and offer a free class/course at SCC as a benefit when a member reaches a certain giving level. A motion to approve the Major Giving Campaign documents, with the amendment to show the options of how the money will be spent, was made by Tom Hebson and seconded by Scott Liebel, and unanimously approved by the Board. 

  • Peggy updated the Board on the progress of the Friends and Alumni program. She is doing a lot of internal and external research to gather best practices. This program plan will tie directly into the Foundation’s annual planning process. Peggy will have an action plan drawn up by December and will bring the plan to the February Planning Workshop for review and discussion. If approved by the Board, the plan will be presented to Cabinet then to the Board of Trustees in May for approval. 

  • Peggy gave a brief summary of the 2014/2015 Employee Sponsored Program campaign. Last Friday concluded the early sign-up deadline netting 31 new members, 35 members who increased their gift this year, and a total membership of 229 participants to date. 

  • Paul gave a brief synopsis of the Board Giving Appeal. There will be a letter going out to all Board members shortly asking for Board participation in giving.

Board Development

  • The official Call for Nominations to the Foundation Board was made. Everyone was asked to submit names of qualified and interested people who would like to join our board. Recommendations can be submitted to Cindy Elking or Kasey McKee.

Committee Reports

  • The 18th Annual Presidents Golf Scramble was a success. Thanks goes out to the golf committee and Foundation staff for all of their hard work. Kelly updated the group with the final numbers: 34 foursomes played in the scramble and over $41,000 was raised. 

  • Don briefed the committee on the progress of the Mini-Grant Committee. There is $15,000 to allocate in mini-grants to enhance academic programs. There are 11 applicants received to date, and the deadline for submitting applications is at the end of this month. The committee will meet to review those applications in November, and will decide on their recommendations in early December.

  • The group reviewed the draft of the SCC Foundation Budget FY15 Summary, as of Sept. 30, 2014. We netted $66,385 in the first quarter of this fiscal year.

Other Business

  • The committee discussed the materials previously sent concerning the situation around the four DACA students. Cassie Hagen, SCC Financial Assistance Manager, came to provide additional information on the four students. Members spoke at length and Pam was able to offer insight on what the Board of Trustees can and cannot do because of the legal complications. On a motion by Jan Dunham and seconded by Cindy Elking, the board receive a majority vote to provide financial assistance to the four DACA students was approved. The vote was done by a show of hands. Of those who were present at that time, 18 were in favor with 2 opposed. Three members were not there to take part in the vote.

    The group then openly discussed the amount of aid. On a motion by Cindy Elking and seconded by Jan Dunham, the motion to award $1,000 each to the four DACA students ($4,000 total) was approved. The vote was done by a show of hands. Of those who were present  at the time,18 were in favor with 2 opposed. Three members were not there to take part in the vote. Kasey will work with Cassie to transfer  $4,000 from the FY14 remaining funds to the students.

  • A motion to approve the SCC/SCCF Agreement, previously reviewed by the group, was made by Don Kalicak and seconded by Joe Cook.

Due to lack of time, the rest of the agenda items were not discussed and any items of business will be added to the next meeting’s agenda.

The next general Foundation Board meeting is Wednesday, April 15, 2015, at 7:30 a.m. in the SSB Board Room.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 a.m.