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Visit SCC's highly-regarded ACE Tutoring Center where SCC students find the help they need to succeed. And, there are computer labs!

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Need a little extra assistance in English, math, or science? Don't worry. Explore the tutoring resources available to you in each subject area.

Tutoring sessions are booked and categorized by subject. We focus on helping you in these specific academic arenas:

English and Writing

A couple of points to remember before your meeting:

  • The draft you bring in to be reviewed should be typed.
  • ACE learning specialists are happy to provide assistance with:
  • Learning specialists will give suggestions and point out prevalent grammatical errors. You will be guided to make your own corrections and changes. The final product must be yours, not the ACE learning specialists. We do not proofread papers.
  • We want to provide you with the best guidance possible; please plan ahead when making appointments in order to allow time to revise work.
  • Online tutoring for writing may be available upon request. Steps for Online Tutoring

You may come into the ACE Tutoring Center for help at any stage of the writing process. Such assistance may include the following:


  • Discussing the assignment
  • Brainstorming
  • Developing ideas
  • Organizing

Assistance with typed rough drafts

  • Fulfillment of the assignment
  • Thesis statement/conclusion
  • Organization and development
  • Coherence
  • Grammatical and punctuation problems
  • MLA, APA, and CMS documentation

Students in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are given assistance in writing, general language structure, and conversation practice.


We are happy that you have decided to use the ACE Tutoring Center for math tutoring. We have a staff of full and part-time math learning specialists with academic degrees as well as peer tutors to help you succeed in math classes.

Preparing for Your Session

You must study the material and begin the problems before working with a tutor. The ACE Tutoring Center is a tutoring center, not a homework center. Homework should be done elsewhere.

How Math Tutoring Works

Tutors will work and explain examples only from the text and/or class notes. They will also give study tips and answer specific questions.

Tutors will not assume responsibility for completing homework, but rather will seek to help you understand the concepts involved. Tutors will not assume responsibility for covering material when you miss a class.

Tutors are required to follow the methods taught in class. You must have your class notes so the tutors can consult them to determine the instructor's preferred approach. The methods presented in the textbook will be the second choice.

Tutoring should be used to help you:

  • Comprehend mathematical concepts
  • Understand specific problems
  • Build organizational skills and problem-solving strategies
  • Direct you to other available resources

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The purpose of the ACE Tutoring Center is to assist St. Charles Community College students in their learning. It is meant to supplement class time and instructor office hours. The ACE Tutoring Center is a wonderful resource and is best utilized when following these guidelines.

Services Provided

  • Help working example problems from the text and/or class notes.
  • Access to anatomical models, flashcards, microscopes and slides.
  • Help improving study skills and problem solving techniques.
  • Facilitated study group and review sessions.
  • Supplemental handouts and study guides.
  • Access to select textbooks.

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