Transfer Scholarships

WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, & HOW of Transfer Scholarships?

Who provides the Scholarship Money?

Several universities offer transfer scholarships to community college students who plan to attend their institution. Many of these scholarships are awarded automatically upon admission and some require a nomination from the student’s community college.  Make sure to contact their Admissions Office or Financial Aid Office to see what transfer scholarships may be available to you.

What do I need to do to get a Transfer Scholarship?

Student must apply for a nomination from their community college’s President.  To apply for a nomination from Dr. Chesbrough, President of St. Charles Community College, the following documents need to be submitted:

  1. Request for Nomination Application
  2. Essay that discusses education and career goals
  3. Copy of the letter of acceptance to the institution you plan to attend

When is the deadline to apply?

Two weeks prior to your institutions of choice deadline. Check the institution’s website for their deadline.   For example, if Cougar University transfer scholarship deadline is May 1, then you should have your application submitted to SCC by April 18.

Where do I submit my application?

All documents should be submitted to Enrollment Services, ADM 1113.

How does the nomination process work?

Student applications for nominations will be pre-screened for an interview with the President.  If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified within a week after the deadline.  The interview will be conducted by the president and the scholarship coordinator.  After the interview process is over, the student will receive notification of their outcome.  If nominated, the scholarship coordinator will forward your nomination and supporting documentation to your institution of choice by their deadline.  Please note that selection for an interview is not a guarantee for a presidential nomination. 

More questions?  For further assistance with transfer scholarships and nomination requests, please contact our Scholarship Coordinator at