Residency in the College District

Tuition and fees are assessed based on a student's legal residency. A post office box address will not be considered as a residence for determination of tuition charges. The three categories of residency are:

In District

A person whose residence is within the boundaries of St. Charles County with the exception of the Washington School District.

Out of District

A person whose residence is in Missouri, but outside of St. Charles Community College District.

Out of State

A person whose residence is not within the state of Missouri. (International students are classified as out-of-state students).

NOTE: Refer to Tuition/Fees for information regarding changes in residency.

Penalty for False Information: Students who intentionally give false or inaccurate information regarding residency or who fail to inform the college of a change of address that alters their residence classification will be subject to the following penalties:

They may be subject to disciplinary action

Their academic records will not be released to any agency until they have paid the district the difference between the fees and tuition already paid and the amount owed by a person of their residency classification.

For Further Explanation - You may call the registrar for a clarification of the residency policy.